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People-oriented and data-driven

Making the Netherlands sustainably accessible for everyone demands a considerable performance from the NS organisation and its employees. We are agile and innovative, sustainable and financially healthy. While our organisation is increasingly data-driven, we continue to take a people-oriented approach.

Flexible employees

NS is an organisation at which you, as an employee, can make a difference for our customers every day. We are becoming even more customer-oriented and efficient, and we are responding more flexibly and rapidly to changes. This is necessary in a changing labour market with an ageing population, dejuvenation and increasing diversity, changing employee expectations and new ways of working (such as open networks, and Agile and Lean approaches).

Of course, we want our employees to enjoy working with us in a place where they can develop and reach their highest potential. We encourage and support this every day, and remain an attractive employer in a tight labour market.

A diverse and inclusive organisation

Everyone can be themselves at NS. The workplace and the management are a reflection of society, demonstrating that NS maintains a diverse and inclusive organisation. For example, we monitor and maintain a good male/female ratio at NS and encourage the recruitment and retention of employees with an immigration background or a disability. We also encourage this approach among our suppliers, which means that as one of the major employers and buyers in the Netherlands, we have a significant impact. The environment in which we work and travel must also be safe, literally, and we take care of this together with municipalities, other transport companies and the police.


The success of the Amazons and Googles of this world show that data is king. NS aims to use data to offer travellers a continually improving, customised product, from journey information to supplementary transport. In doing so, we naturally respect the legislation and regulations that protect the privacy of our travellers, and we are transparent about which information we do and don't share. NS wants to deploy data and artificial intelligence in a smarter way for planning and maintenance of our expensive and scarce resources, such as trains, buildings and infrastructure. Among other things, a 'data-driven' organisation requires the reduction in the complexity and quantity of IT systems. We will also invest in the digital skills within our organisation and available knowledge about new technologies.