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Viewing days for SGM sprinter

NS aims to ensure that its operations are as circular as possible. Trains spend more than 40 years in service. At a certain point the rolling stock becomes outdated and no longer complies with customer needs or technical requirements. At that point it's time for replacement. We like to give our old rolling stock a new lease of life.

The SGM train model has been operating in the Netherlands as a sprinter since 1978. Around 2005, NS modernised this rolling stock and updated elements of its interiors. Starting at the end of 2019, this model will gradually be replaced by a more modern, energy-efficient train. The rolling stock is currently expected to start being taken out of service in early 2020.

NS aims to give 100% of these trains a new lease of life. If NS is unable to sell them, it will offer their interior fittings for transformation into new products. This means fittings like chairs, windows, upholstery, coat hooks, luggage racks and even speakers. We already know of examples of train floors transformed into table-tennis tables, waste bins that have become plant pots and old upholstery being made into new bags.

Offering trains for sale/reuse in this way ensures that the materials remain in circulation, saving 11.7 million kilos of waste.

Viewing days

Recently NS organised so-called 'viewing days' for the SGM train model. During these viewing days  any interested companies were able to see what fittings would become available and what could be done with them. This was done on the basis of a ‘recovery list’. The recovery list can be downloaded here. Any future viewing days will be announced on this page too. 

By organising these viewing days, NS intends to secure a new lease of life for old rolling stock. We don't aim to make a profit on the sale of old train fittings. Only the essential costs involving in recovering the parts, for instance for dismantling and logistics, are passed on to buyers. A minimum price and minimum order quantity therefore applies per item. This ensures that these efforts are sustainable from a financial perspective as well.


If you are interested in taking part in viewing days at any point now or in the future, please register at: We will then contact you in due course.

Please note: registration is not open to private individuals. A minimum order quantity applies per item. See the ‘recovery list’ for more details.

A brief summary of the rules

  • Only businesses registered with the Chamber of Commerce can register to view or purchase products.
  • Recovery (i.e. the dismantling of rolling stock) will only take place if sufficient interest is shown in the products. If there is too little demand, this work can't be done in a sufficiently sustainable manner.
  • Businesses that register for products have to come and collect them. The pick-up location is not yet known.