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Circular enterprise

By 2030, NS aims to have implemented circular purchasing, maximum reuse of materials and zero waste at its office, workshops and in trains. In order to realise this, we work on the basis of the following principles: limitation of new resource use, optimisation of material use, and 'there's no such thing as waste'.

We are economical in our use of raw materials and our products. We use circular design and circular purchasing to minimise the new raw materials we need and prevent waste in the future. We opt for renewable and recycled raw materials. By being aware of and smart about what we use, employing good maintenance and extending service life, we optimise the use and reuse of our products. If we do have to dispose of products, then we ensure that they end up at a high-quality new destination.

Reducing virgin raw material use

We encourage our staff and passengers to reduce waste.

Optimising material use

We have been separating waste in our offices and workplaces for quite some time now, but there are still more options for separating waste too.

There's no such thing as waste

NS products transformed and given a new life