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Circular enterprise

Circular enterprise means using new raw materials as little as possible, and making the most optimal use possible of our own materials. Our motto is therefore 'there's no such thing as waste’.

We want to minimise the use of new raw materials and keep the materials we use in circulation for as long as possible (this approach is known as 'circular enterprise'). Our aim, which we hope to achieve by 2030, is to purchase circularly, to use/reuse our materials wherever possible, and to have waste-free offices, workshops and trains.

Wherever possible, we process the waste we produce at stations, in trains, at business locations and in offices into raw materials in a sustainable manner. When rolling stock gets old, we refurbish it or arrange for environmentally-friendly dismantling or sale (of the entire rolling stock or certain parts). We are continuously looking for new solutions to reduce waste. For instance, we use biodegradable waste from station retail units to produce bio-energy.

When purchasing products, we look critically at their composition, options for reuse and even whether or not they are necessary (for example, are there sustainable alternatives?). We also encourage our passengers to use less plastic and fewer disposable cups. One way we do this is by offering discounts to customers who bring their own cups, another is by installing free drinking water taps at stations.

Reducing waste

We encourage our staff and passengers to reduce waste.

Separating waste

We have been separating waste in our offices and workplaces for quite some time now, but there are still more options for separating waste too.

Upcycled products

NS products transformed and given a new life