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About our services

Would you like to know about what NS does in the field of train maintenance? Here you can find all of the services and facilities we offer railway carriers based on the Railways Act. We have several maintenance and service locations throughout the Netherlands. If you would like to obtain access to one of these locations, or to take advantage of our services, please feel free to submit a request.

Overview of locations, services, and facilities

Are you curious about the train maintenance services and facilities that NS offers? Then take a look at our catalogue. You can also find the conditions for providing the service and/or access to the facilities below. Maintenance and service contracts are signed with the entity NedTrain.


If you have a question regarding NS' train maintenance services and/or facilities, please feel free to contact one of the individuals below:

Maintenance & Service
Harry Douwes
Tel: 06 - 83634326


Component revision
Bas Wasser
Tel: 06 - 52001868

Please submit any questions or complaints about our services to