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Leidschendam maintenance location

NS and ProRail are building a new wheel maintenance pit building alongside the Leidschendam maintenance location and will be upgrading the associated tracks and switches. A wheel maintenance pit, which is actually a turntable placed in a pit, facilitates the maintenance of train wheels. This enables trains to run more smoothly on the rails, giving our passengers a more comfortable journey.

Wheel maintenance

NS has four wheel maintenance pits in the Netherlands, one of which is located at the maintenance location in Leidschendam. A wheel maintenance pit enables mechanics to carry out maintenance and repairs on train wheels. The current installation is due for replacement, as are a number of ProRail switches and tracks in the Leidschendam yard. Because the new wheel maintenance pit will be in a different location, this means the position of tracks and switches must change considerably.

Working smarter

NS and ProRail have joined forces to merge the various projects on the site next to Westvlietweg. This is both more efficient and more sustainable, and is a good way of reusing materials. The boundary of the ProRail and NS site will be relocated so that the maintenance processes can take place as independently from each other as possible.

New and sustainable

The facade of the new wheel maintenance pit building will be made from old train windows that have become available as a result of the modernisation of double-decker trains. Solar panels and sedum, a type of succulent plant, will be placed on the roof. For the upgrading of tracks and switches, we opt to reuse materials wherever possible. After all, this is the most sustainable approach.


The preparation, remediation and realisation of the bridge over the Goo has commenced. In due course, the tracks leading to the wheel maintenance pit will pass over this bridge.

The remediation of the ground has begun. NS will start construction work on the wheel maintenance pit building in summer 2023. In autumn 2023, ProRail will modify the rail infrastructure at the site. NS will construct a new bridge in spring 2023, and will start on the infrastructure connecting to the wheel maintenance pit in autumn 2023.