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Extention of your annual season ticket

If you purchased a season ticket from the attendant at a storage facility, then you can extend it with the help of the attendant. Annual season tickets that were purchased online are automatically extended each year.

You bought your season ticket online

Annual season tickets for bicycle lockers, self-service bicycle storage or bicycle storage that is accessible using your OV-chipkaart, are extended automatically each year.

You will receive a message when your ongoing season ticket is renewed. We send this message 7 weeks before the end date of each contract year. After the first year, you can terminate your season ticket every month, with a one month period of notice.

You purchased your season ticket at the bicycle storage facility

If you purchased a monthly or an annual season ticket from the attendant at the NS Bicycle storage facility, then your season ticket will expire automatically at the end of its duration. From the 20th day of each month, you can purchase a new monthly or annual season ticket from the attendant, which is valid from the 1st day of the following month.

You use an NS-Business Card for storage

You do not need to extend. Your season ticket automatically remains valid.