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Picking up Keuzedagen

Before you can take a trip with a Keuzedag, you have to pick it up from an NS ticket machine. Find out more on this page.

How to pick up Keuzedagen

Here's how you pick up a Keuzedag from an NS ticket machine:

  1. Go to an NS ticket machine at a station and make sure you have your OV-chipkaart on you.
  2. Touch in on the card reader to the right of the screen with your card.
  3. Select ‘Pick up Keuzedag’.
  4. Select ‘Confirm’.
  5. Touch in with your OV-chipkaart a second time until you see a confirmation message.

Done? Your Keuzedag will now be on your OV-chipkaart. The next trip you take during off-peak hours will be paid for with your Keuzedag. Repeat the steps shown above every time you want to take a trip with a Keuzedag.

You always have to check in and out, even when travelling with a Keuzedag.

  • How can I tell that I can pick up a Keuzedag?

    We'll send you an e-mail when you can pick up a new Keuzedag. You can also view your Keuzedagen overview by logging in to Mijn NS.

  • How can I tell whether I have activated my Keuzedag?

    Have you picked up your Keuzedag from an NS ticket machine? If you check in during off-peak hours, the display will read: ‘Ingecheckt Keuzedag’.

    If you don't see this message, something might have gone wrong. Present your OV-chipkaart to the card reader to cancel your trip and try picking up your Keuzedag from an NS ticket machine again.

  • I'd like to travel in 1st class for a single trip with my Keuzedag. Is this possible?

    Prefer travelling 1st class with your Keuzedag? Now you can, for just € 6 per Keuzedag. Pick up your Keuzedag first, before buying the 2-1 supplement at an NS ticket machine. Here's how:

    1. Pick up your Keuzedag (see steps above).
    2. Touch in on the card reader on an NS ticket machine with your OV-chipkaart.
    3. Select 'Change Class' and '2-1 supplements’.
    4. Select the planned date of your trip and pay.
    5. Touch in on the card reader again.
    6. You have now added a 2-1 supplement to your card.

    Please note: when you check in, the display will read 2nd class. However, the conductor will see that you bought a 1st class supplement. It is not possible to change your Keuzedag from 1st class to 2nd class for a single trip.

    Prefer travelling 1st class with all your Keuzedagen? It is not possible to change your Keuzedagen class to 1st class.

Can't pick up Keuzedagen

Don't see any Keuzedagen on the NS ticket machine? Here are some possible reasons:

  • you might have already used your Keuzedagen. You get up to 7 Keuzedagen a year.
  • your unused Keuzedagen have expired. 
  • you do not have a new Keuzedag yet. Keuzedagen can only be picked up from an NS ticket machine one day before they become valid.
  • there may be a technical error. If this is the case, contact the  NS Customer Service.