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How do I download my Keuzedagen?

Before you can use your Keuzedag, you must download it to your OV-chipkaart at an NS Ticket Machine.

Downloading Keuzedagen

  1. Bring your OV-chipkaart to the NS Ticket Machine at the station.
  2. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader to the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select ‘download Keuzedag’.
  4. Select ‘agree’.
  5. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader again, until you see the confirmation that the product has been downloaded to your card.

Please note: the next journey you make will be considered as a Keuzedag. Due to the extended use-by date for Keuzedagen, there may be more than one Keuzedag available at the NS Ticket Machine. Remember to check in and out as normal when you travel.  

Check whether your Keuzedag has been downloaded.

If you would like to make sure your Keuzedag has actually been downloaded to your OV-chipkaart, simply hold your card against the gate or post and you will see if you are travelling with a Keuzedag or on balance. If your Keuzedag was not downloaded and you are travelling on balance, you can cancel your check-in by holding your OV-chipkaart against the gate or post again. Then you can download your Keuzedag to your card. 

1st class travel with Keuzedagen

When travelling with Keuzedagen, you can purchase a 2-1 supplement for € 5 from an NS Ticket machine from Monday through Sunday. Make sure to select your Keuzedag before purchasing the 2-1 supplement.

Purchasing the 2-1 supplement:

  1. Place your OV-chipkaart on the card reader of the NS Ticket machine.
  2. First select 'change class', before selecting '2-1 supplements.'
  3. Select your preferred travel date and pay for the supplement.
  4. Place your OV-chipkaart on the card reader again.
  5. Your 2-1 supplement has now been charged to your card for the selected day (valid until 04:00 on the following day).

Note: when you check in, you will see 2nd class on the display, but the conductor will be able to see that you purchased a 1st class supplement.