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Order Keuzedagen

Are you over the age of 60 and would you like to order Keuzedagen? On this page, we'll tell you what Keuzedagen are, what they cost and how you can order them.

What are Keuzedagen?

Over-60s can order Keuzedagen for discounted off-peak travel. With a Keuzedagen add-on, you get 7 Keuzedagen that stay valid for the whole year and let you travel any route in the Netherlands for free. It's all up to you, whether you want to go from Maastricht to Groningen or from Zutphen to Apeldoorn. All for a fixed, low yearly rate.

Who can order Keuzedagen?

NS season ticket holders over the age of 60 with Dal Voordeel (Off-peak discount) on balance may order Keuzedagen.

What do Keuzedagen cost?

For Keuzedagen, we add a fixed monthly fee to your regular season ticket price:

  • 2nd class: € 26,50/year or;
  • 1st class: € 51,90/year

How do I order Keuzedagen?

Here's how to order Keuzedagen. Which situation applies to you?

I have a Dal Voordeel on balance season ticket

If you have this season ticket, you can order Keuzedagen from the NS Customer Service department.

I don't have a season ticket yet

If you don't have an NS season-ticket yet, you can order your Keuzedagen online when purchasing a new Dal Voordeel on balance season ticket. Here's how:

  1. Go to the product page for Dal Voordeel.
  2. Select ‘on balance’ (Important: do not order an NS Flex season ticket).
  3. Click ‘Order now’.
  4. Under 'Extra options', tick the box for 'Keuzedagen'.
  5. Choose 1st or 2nd class.

Keuzedagen cannot be combined with an NS Flex season ticket.

  • I don't know which season ticket I have.

    If you don't know what season ticket you have, log in to Mijn NS. You'll find the name of your season ticket under 'My Products'.

  • I want my Keuzedagen on a single-use, paper OV-chipkaart

    Starting on 1 March 2022, NS stopped offering paper Keuzedagen (Optional Days). It is therefore no longer possible to order new Keuzedagen with your former Off-peak discount season ticket. if you already had paper Keuzedagen before 1 March 2022, then you can keep these and they will be extended automatically.