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How many Keuzedagen do I have?

Each year, you will receive an e-mail or letter informing you about your Keuzedagen. You can also see how many Keuzedagen you have left in your Mijn NS account.

  1. Log in to your Mijn NS account
  2. Go to Mijn Producten
  3. Select View Keuzedagen >

Not enough Keuzedagen at the Ticket Machine

If you see that the Ticket Machine shows you have too few Keuzedagen, or none at all, that may be due to one of several reasons:

  1. You may have used all of your Keuzedagen for the year. You start out with a maximum of 7 Keuzedagen: 1 Keuzedag is valid all year, and 6 Keuzedagen can be used every two months. If you order Keuzedagen halfway through your contract year, then you will only receive the Keuzedagen remaining for the rest of your contract. The contract year is not identical to the calendar year.
  2. Your unused Keuzedagen may have expired. Only one of the 7 Keuzedagen are valid all year long. The other 6 are valid only for a two-month period, after which you receive another Keuzedag for the next two-month period. If you do not use your Keuzedag within this period, then it is no longer valid.
  3. The Keuzedag has not yet been added to your account. Keuzedagenare available at the NS Ticket Machine starting from one day before the period during which they are valid.
  4. There may be a technical malfunction. If this is the case, you can call NS Customer Service anytime day or night at 030 - 7515155.
  5. If you see fewer Keuzedagen than you had expected, that may be due to the moment you ordered the Keuzedagen and how long you have already had your contract. For example, if you order Keuzedagen halfway through your contract term, then instead of 6 Keuzedagen, you will only receive 3 Keuzedagen + 1 day that is valid all year long.