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Renewing, changing, or cancelling Keuzedagen

Want to renew, change or cancel your Keuzedagen? Continue reading this page to find out how.

How can I renew my Keuzedagen?

Keuzedagen are renewed automatically every year. You don't have to do anything! You will be notified by e-mail or letter a few weeks beforehand.

How do I keep my Keuzedagen if I switch to a different season ticket?

If you already have Keuzedagen with your Voordeeluren, Dal Voordeel on balance or Altijd Voordeel on balance season ticket but want to switch to a different season ticket and keep your Keuzedagen, Dal Voordeel on balance is now your only option. Unfortunately, we no longer offer Voordeeluren and Altijd Voordeel on balance season tickets. To change your season ticket, please contact the NS Customer Service.

If you do not want a Dal Voordeel on balance season ticket, you will not be able to buy Keuzedagen, because they cannot be combined with NS Flex.

How do I change the class of my Keuzedagen?

Want to switch your Keuzedagen from 2nd class to 1st class or vice versa? Just contact the NS Customer Service.

If you have 2nd class Keuzedagen but would like to travel 1st class for a single trip, just head to an NS ticket machine. 

How do I download my Keuzedagen?

You can cancel your Keuzedagen via the NS Customer Service. You can already cancel your Keuzedagen after one month.

  • What happens to my Keuzedagen after I cancel them?

    • Any Keuzedagen that cannot be picked up yet from an NS ticket machine will be refunded.
    • You can still use all the Keuzedagen that are ready to be picked up from an NS ticket machine. These Keuzedagen will not be refunded.
    • Keuzedagen that have expired or have already been used will not be refunded.