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Keuzedagen and their validity

Have you ordered Keuzedagen? You'll get seven Keuzedagen a year that entitle you to free off-peak travel. This page will tell you more about Keuzedagen and their validity: how long they're valid, when you get them and where you can travel with your Keuzedagen.

When are Keuzedagen valid?

You can use Keuzedagen during off-peak hours. Keuzedagen are not valid during the morning and afternoon peak hours. Off-peak hours are:

  • weekdays between 9.00 am and 4.00 pmand between 6.30 pm and 6.30 am.
  • At the weekend and on holidays,  Keuzedagen are valid all day long.

The time you check in determines whether or not you are travelling during off-peak hours:

  • if you check in during off-peak hours, then check out during peak hours, you will still be using your Keuzedag.
  • if you check in during peak hours, then check out during off-peak or peak hours, you will travel on balance, without your Keuzedag.

When do I get my Keuzedagen?

Your Keuzedagen are available immediately. After you have used one, the next Keuzedag will be ready for you on the following day. Your Keuzedagen are all subject to the same validity, which is one year. This year runs concurrently to the year that your Dal Voordeel season ticket is valid.  

Order your Keuzedagen before December 2022:  you receive seven Keuzedagen spread out through the year. You will receive the first two Keuzedagen directly after making your purchase. After that, you will receive one new Keuzedag per two months. Each Keuzedag remains valid for 12 months after you receive it. We'll send you an e-mail about your Keuzedagen and their validity once a year. You can also find your Keuzedagen overview online.

  • When do my Keuzedagen expire?

    If you don't use your Keuzedagen within 12 months, they will automatically expire.

  • Example: when do I get my Keuzedagen?

    Suppose you purchase your Keuzedagen on 1 November:

    • you'll get 2 Keuzedagen on 1 November. They'll stay valid until 1 November of the next year. 
    • you'll get 1 new Keuzedag on 1 January, which will stay valid until 1 January of the next year.  
    • you'll get 1 new Keuzedag on: 1 March, 1 May, 1 July and 1 September, each of which will stay valid for 12 months. 
    • on 1 November, the new year will start and you'll get 2 new Keuzedagen: your year-long Keuzedag and your first standard Keuzedag. 

    We'll send you an e-mail whenever you can pick up a new Keuzedag.

Where can I use my Keuzedagen?

You can use your Keuzedagen for train trips in the Netherlands during off-peak hours .

  • Can I use my Keuzedagen to travel with other train carriers?

    You can also use Keuzedagen with othertraincarriers. If part of your trip is with NS and part with Arriva, you can use your Keuzedag for the entire trip.

    Important: all your check-inshave to be in off-peak hours. When transferring to a different carrier, make sure to check in during off-peak hours. If you checked in during peak hours, you'll pay for that part of your trip with your balance. 


  • Can I use my Keuzedagen to travel by bus, tram and metro?

    You cannot use your Keuzedagen to travel by bus, tram or metro.

  • Can I use my Keuzedagen for international travel?

    You can only use Keuzedagen for the Dutch leg of your Journey. When buying your NS International Ticket, select ‘100% discount in the Netherlands’. Don't forget to pick up your Keuzedag and to check in. You need a valid ticket! When you return from abroad, check in at the first train station in the Netherlands.