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What is Mijn NS

With Mijn NS or Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can easily change your personal data, view your travel history, change your address, set your communication preferences or change your season ticket. You can also find information about your international trips in Mijn NS.

Benefits of Mijn NS

  • Manage your details and preferences
    You can use 'My details and settings' to change your personal data and set your communication preferences. You can see which notifications you are now receiving from NS, and which data is used for these. You can change your preferences at any time.

  • Product status
    By going to 'My products', you can view your NS products, such as the remaining time on your season ticket or the status of your Keuzedagen (Optional days).
  • International trips
    Mijn NS is linked to your MijnNSI account for your international trips, so you can also book your international train travel in Mijn NS.

  • View travel history
    You can find a list of all your trips and the corresponding costs over the past 18 months by going to 'My travels'. You can also add notes or print a summary to add to your expense claim.

  • Activate NS Flex Combined Travel Discount
    If you have NS Flex and are planning to travel with someone who has an NS season ticket outside peak hours,  you can activate your Combined Travel Discount in Mijn NS.

  • View invoices
    If you  have a season ticket, you can view your monthly invoice under ‘My payments’. If you have a Traject Vrij season ticket, you can view your monthly invoices for travel outside of your route as well as the monthly payment for your route.

  • Refunds for delays
    If you use your OV-chipkaart to check in and out with NS and your train has been delayed by 30 minutes or more, you can go to 'Journey history' in Mijn NS to submit a claim for a refund. You can do this starting from 48 hours after your train journey.

  • Refund after forgetting to check out
    If you use your OV-chipkaart to travel and you forgot to check out, you can request a refund up to 3 times a year. 

Make changes to season tickets online using Mijn NS

With a Mijn NS account, you can easily and securely manage and change your season ticket.
For example, you can:

Add an OV-chipkaart to your Mijn NS account

To change your personal details and view your travel transactions, you must add your OV-chipkaart to your Mijn NS account.