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Travelling with your debit card or credit card

View all frequently asked questions about travelling with your debit, credit card or mobile phone.

Travelling with your debit card

  • What do I need to do to travel with my debit card?

    You don't have to do anything beforehand to travel with your debit card. So you don't have to sign up. Of course, you must have a valid debit card with which you can pay contactless.

  • Which debit cards can I use?

    Check in and out with a contactless (digital) debit card from:

    • ABN AMRO
    • ASN Bank
    • Bunq
    • ING
    • Rabobank
    • RegioBank
    • SNS 
    • Knab
    • Triodos (only with physical debit card)

    Or with contactless credit cards from Mastercard or Visa. Of course you can also use your smartphone or smartwatch if you have linked your debit or credit card.

    Not all banks yet issue debit cards with which you can check in and out in Dutch public transport. Dutch debit cards from Van Lanschot and Handelsbanken cannot yet be used.

    Foreign debit cards
    You can also use a foreign contactless debit or credit card from Maestro, V PAY, Mastercard or Visa. Do you have a card from a foreign bank and are you unsure whether your card can be used? Then contact your bank or credit card provider.

  • Can I travel with a discount or season ticket?

    No, you can't. With a debit card you always travel without a discount or season ticket.

  • Can I also travel 1st class with my debit card?

    No, you can only travel 2nd class and with no discount using your debit card. 

  • How can I be sure that I have checked in or out properly?

    If you have checked in and out properly, you will see 'IN Debit Card' or 'OUT Debit Card' (or credit card). Or ask a service staff member to confirm that you have checked in properly. 

    After you have travelled, review your train journeys on Mijn NS. Or download the OVpay app and view all your rides on it.

  • Can I buy other things with my debit card between check-in and check-out?

    Yes, this is not a problem. So you can just buy a sandwich or cup of coffee in the meantime.

  • How does the conductor's check work?

    This works the same as with an OV-chipkaart. A conductor scans your debit card and can see if, where and when you've checked in. He sees no other personal (bank) information such as balance.

  • Can I check in with my debit card to buy something or see someone off at the station?

    Yes, if you check out again at the same station within 60 minutes, you pay nothing. If you only check out after 60 minutes, we will charge a correction fee of €20. We then assume that you've travelled.

  • Can I travel with a companion with my debit card?

    No, you cannot. You can only travel using your own debit card.

  • Where can I find my travel history?

    If you link your debit card to MijnNS, you will be able to see your travel history right away.

    Don't have a MijnNS account?
    You can request one. You can also see an overview of your travel for one specific day on the OVpay website.

  • How do I link my debit card to Mijn NS?

    You do this very easily via the welcome screen in Mijn NS, by following the steps for adding a debit card.

    Good to know: you can only link one (type of) debit card to your account. So only one bank account but also only one type of debit card from the same bank account. Linking both a physical and a mobile card is not possible.

    And do you get a new phone or reinstall your wallet? Then you have to link your card again. You'll no longer see your previous journeys.

What can you use your debit card for?

  • Where can I check in and out using my debit card?

    You can check in and out of all public transport in the Netherlands with your debit card.

  • Can I travel by ICE in the Netherlands?

    Yes, but you still have to buy an ICE supplement online.



  • Can I travel with the Intercity Direct?

    Yes, but you must purchase an Intercity Direct supplement at the supplement pole on the platform. You can do this with your debit card or credit card.

  • Can I also pay for other services (such as an OV-fiets) with my debit card?

    No, you can't do this. For these things you need an OV-chipkaart with a Flex Basis season ticket, for example.

Costs and payment

  • Do I pay more if I check in and out with my debit card?

    No! A trip with your debit card costs the same as a trip with your OV-chipkaart without a discount or subscription. You pay the price of a 2nd class ticket without discount. You don't pay anything extra.

  • How do I know what my journey?

    You can't see the price of a ride on the card reader. You will see the price of a ride after it has been debited from your account. The payment will have payment reference starting with NLOV followed by 14 digits and letters.

    Want an overview of which charge goes with which ride?
    Then link your debit card to Mijn NS and see how much a ride has cost you here. If you've linked your debit card, you will see the fare in Mijn NS immediately after your ride and no longer have to wait for your bank statement

    Want to see not only your journeys on NS, but also on other modes of transport? 
    Download the OVpay app. Or view your travel overview for one specific day in your travel summary at

  • Can I check in and out using contactless payments on my phone?

    Of course! And this is already possible with almost every bank, for example:

    • ABN AMRO,
    • ASN Bank,
    • bunq,
    • ING,
    • Knab,
    • Rabobank,
    • RegionBank,
    • SNS,
    • Mastercard or Visa.

    Good to know: use the same method for check-in as for check-out. So: do you check in with contactless payment on your phone? Then check this out again. The check-in gates see the debit card on your mobile as a different card than your separate debit card.

  • Will money be debited from my account right away?

    No. If you check in with a debit card, the money will only be debited from your account after one day, bundled with any other journeys made. 

  • I (probably) paid too much for my journey.

    First check the price per journey via Mijn NS or your travel overview on After all, when you travel with your debit card, all the charges for a day are deducted from your account at once. 

    You may also have checked in with a different means of payment than the one you used to check out. In this case, you will be charged a correction fee of €20 for a forgotten check-in or check-out. In that case, see how to (perhaps) get money back by answering a few questions.

  • Is my journey visible on my bank statement or credit card statement?

    No, none of your journey details are visible on your bank statement. If you would like an overview of the costs associated with each journey, then you will need to link your debit card to MijnNS to see what each journey has cost. 

  • How much balance should be in my account?

    At least the amount you will be traveling for on that day. This is because we debit all of the costs for one day, overnight from your account.

  • My bank account allows me to go into the red. Will this be taken into account?

    Yes. If you're allowed to go into the red on your bank account, you'll also be able to travel when there is no balance on your account. Bear in mind that this only applies up to the amount to which you can go into the red.

  • I've reached the 50 euro contactless payment limit. Can I still check in and out with my debit card?

    Yes, you can. This limit does not apply to debit card use in public transport. Good to know: outside public transport, this limit still applies.

Privacy and safety

  • How safe is travelling on my debit card?

    Travelling with your debit card is just as safe as using contactless payment in the supermarket. Your bank can't see your travel details, and the conductor checking your card cannot see your banking details. View our privacy statement.

    Of course, you should always be careful when using your debit card or credit card. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you should block it immediately.

  • Does my bank see my travel details?

    No, a bank cannot see how you travel. Please also read our privacy statement.

  • What will be done with my personal data?

    We explain this clearly in our privacy statement.

  • Can a conductor see my details?

    No. A conductor scans your debit card and can see whether, where and when you have checked in. They can't see any other personal or bank data such as your balance.

Problems while travelling

  • I can't check in.

    There are a few possible causes for this. Check the error message on the check-in pole and then try again. Alternatively, check the following:

    1. Have you enabled contactless payment for this card?
    2. Do you have a card issued by ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Rabobank, Regiobank, Knab, Triodos or SNS, or an international credit card issued by Mastercard, Visa, V Pay or Maestro? If not, then you cannot travel using your debit card just yet.
    3. If you see the message 'choose another payment method', then your debit card has probably been blocked for public transport travel. The reason for this may be that your bank balance was too low the last time you attempted to pay, for example. To resolve this issue, see the question 'My debit/credit card has been blocked for public transport'.
  • I forgot to check out.

    If you forgot to check out with your debit card, then a correction fee of € 20 will be debited from your account. You can request a refund of this amount six days after your journey via your travel overview on

  • I checked in with my debit card by accident.

    That's a shame! It is therefore possible that you have paid too much. If you answer a couple of questions, we'll tell you whether you can request a refund, and how.

  • I checked in by accident with my mobile debit card but wanted to check in with a barcode (e-ticket).

    You accidentally checked in and/or out with debit card instead of your e-ticket. Prevent this next time by opening your e-ticket from the NS (International) app.

    How to request a refund

    1. Go to your travel overview on
    2. Find your journey with your NLOV reference number and the amount debited.
    3. Check whether a check-in or check-out is missing for your journey.

    Is there a check-in or check-out missing?
    Enter the same station at start station and end station. This way, you adjust the price of your journey to € 0 and get the excess amount refunded.

    Do you see an entire journey with start and end stations?
    If so, contact OVpay customer service on 0900-1433 (normal call charges). They can be reached on working days from 07:00 to 21:30 and on weekends and public holidays from 10:00 to 16:00.

  • I want to use my barcode (e-ticket) on mobile to open the gate, but my mobile wallet keeps popping up.

    The gate will probably find your virtual debit card before your e-ticket. Always load your ticket in the NS-app (instead of using a PDF or screenshot). From the NS-app, NFC is suppressed and you use your barcode to open the gate.

    Did you buy your e-ticket from a provider other than us?
    Then see if you can also use a ticket app through that provider. Additionally, on some Android cell phones it is possible to temporarily disable NFC. Check your phone's settings.

  • I used my phone to check in with my mobile debit card, but my phone battery is now flat.

    If you are unable to check out, we will debit a € 20 correction fee from your bank account. Six days after your journey, visit the OVpay website to adjust this amount. Fill in the reference number for the debit and select the station at which you were unable to check out.

    Any excess amount paid will be refunded to your bank account after a few days or offset against any travel costs you still had to pay for.

  • My debit or credit card has been blocked for public transport.

    Make sure that you have sufficient balance on your bank account or spending limit on your credit card. Then hold your card up to a check-in pole. The money that you still had to pay will then be debited from your account. If this works, you will be able to continue travelling with your debit card within 15 minutes (maximum). Or pay the money you still have to pay directly via the OVpay app.

    Please note: your card will only be blocked for public transport. You can still use your debit card for other purchases, unless you do not have enough balance on your account for these.

  • My train was cancelled. What will happen with my check-in?

    If you check out at the same station within 60 minutes, we will cancel your journey and you will not pay anything. If you check out later than 60 minutes after checking in, you will pay the € 20 correction fee. Fill in the Refund for delays form to request a refund.