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Checking out when your train is stranded between stations

Before you transfer to the rail replacement service, the NS personnel will automatically check you out. See this page for more information about how this is done.

Why am I asked to check out before boarding the rail replacement service?

We do this to make everything easier for you. The amount that you have paid for the journey so far will not be charged to your card or account. If you continue your journey when you are brought to the nearest station, you can simply check in at the gates again.

Can I get a refund when I check out with a conductor or other NS personnel?

  • If you have a season ticket and are travelling on account, you will automatically receive a refund for your boarding fee when you check out with the conductor. You will not be charged for the part of your journey by train and replacement transportation to the station where you are dropped off. If you continue your journey from there, and you experience another delay, then you can 'request a refund' for that leg of your journey.
  • If you have a season ticket that entitles you to free travel, you will receive a check-out from the conductor. You may then 'request a refund' for the delay via MijnNS.
  • If you are traveling with a single-use chipkaart, you may 'request a refund' for the entire journey you make with NS by submitting a refund request via  MijnNS, or by using the appropriate paper form. We can send you this form and it is also available at the station. The amount of the refund will be calculated based on the total journey indicated by your check-in and -out records. 

Does the automatic check-out refund apply to every season ticket?

This refund only applies to the OV-chipkaart with a season ticket and travel on account. It does not apply to the single-use chipkaart, international train tickets, supplements and e-tickets.

Why can't I check out automatically with a single-use chipkaart?

Because this is technically not impossible. However, you can request a refund for a delayed journey via MijnNS or by using the form that is available at the station. We can also send you this form. If you wish to have the form sent to you, fill in your contact details here.

Can I also check out automatically with an anonymous chipkaart?

If you travel on account, then you can check out automatically. If you do not travel on account, then you will be refunded for the initial boarding fee when you check out with NS personnel. The personnel cannot issue a check-out if you have already paid in full for your ticket.

If I wish to travel on to another station, do I have to check in again?

Since we checked you out, you will have to check in and out again if you continue your journey.

Can I also receive a refund if I check in at the next station and continue my journey?

Absolutely. Simply request a refund via your Mijn NS-account in your travel history, or use the Refund for Delays form that is available at the station. With a Mijn NS account, you can view your entire travel history, so you can see that you were checked out and the consequences this had for the rest of your journey.