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Train stranded between stations

Your train is stranded between stations. We can imagine that you have questions about the consequences this will have for your journey. Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions.

The answer to your question...

Your train is not moving

When your train stops it may take some time to find a solution. On this page you can read frequently asked questions about stopping or situations in which you experience something unpleasant.

Checking out when your train is stranded between stations

Before you transfer to the rail replacement service, the NS personnel will automatically check you out. See this page for more information about how this is done.

Continuing your journey

We understand that you would like to continue your journey as soon as possible. This page provides a list of frequently asked questions about how to reach your final destination and the speed with which rail replacement service can be arranged.

Refunds for stranded trains

The price of the journey up until when the train broke down is refunded. On this page you can read frequently asked questions about other costs and situations when part of your journey was made with another carrier.