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King's Day 2018

On Friday, 27 April, the Netherlands will be celebrating the King's Birthday! Are you planning on attending one of the many events, festivals or other festivities throughout the country? If so, consider that most of the festivities scheduled for King's Day are easy to reach by train. During our special Orange Timetable for King's Day, we will schedule extra trains or longer trains to bring you to your favourite King's Day party destination. See this page for more information about accessibility and the special Oranjeretour.

Take the train to your King's Day destination!

Plan uw reis met de Reisplanner

Oranjeretour ticket

Save money on your train fare with the King's Day Oranjeretour ticket! Take the train to your King's Day destination, and enjoy a 20% discount. Purchase your Oranjeretour ticket online before 14:00 on 27 April.

Practical information

On 26 and 27 April, special rules and measures will apply in the trains.


Special King's Day trainticket, travel with a 20% discount. 

King's Day in Groningen

Celebrate King's Day 2018 in Groningen.

King's Day in Amsterdam

Celebrate King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam.

King's Day in Alkmaar

Celebrate King's Day 2018 in Alkmaar.

King's Day in Zwolle, Oldenzaal, Enschede

Celebrate King's Day 2018 in Zwolle, Oldenzaal, Enschede.

King's Day 2018 in Den Bosch, Breda, Best

Celebrate King's Day 2018 in Eindhoven and Groningen.

King's Night 2018 in Utrecht, Arnhem and Den Haag

Take the train to King's Night.