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Practical information

In order to make King's Night and King's Day a pleasant experience for everyone, NS will be implementing several temporary rules and measures in the trains and at the stations on Friday, 26 April and Saturday, 27 April.


In order to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and safety during your journey, travellers are prohibited from carrying alcohol at the station or in the train during King's Night and King's Day. This prohibition will be in effect from 19:00 on Friday, 26 April to 07:00 on Sunday, 28 April. The shops at the station will not sell alcoholic beverages during this period.

Luggage lockers

In order to ensure the safety of the travellers, the luggage lockers and depots will be closed at some stations near the locations of large events during King's Night and King's Day.

The luggage lockers at the stations Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Centraal, Alkmaar, Haarlem, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven Centraal, Tilburg, Breda, Groningen and Amersfoort Centraal will be closed 19:00 on Friday, 26 April to 07:00 on Sunday, 28 April. The luggage lockers at station Utrecht Centraal will close at 19:30 on Thursday, 25 April.


You must have a valid ticket to travel by train, even on King's Day. So make sure that your ticket is valid before you board the train. We recommend that you plan your journey in advance, and purchase your train ticket online. If you will be travelling with an OV-chipkaart, please remember to top up the balance before you leave. Did you know that you can top up your card balance automatically? That way, you always have enough balance on your card, which saves you time on King's Day itself, as you won't have to wait in line at the ticket machines. Travellers with an NS Flex season ticket are billed at the end of the month.

Please note: special discount tickets are not valid on King's Day!

Student travel product

Students with a weekly season ticket cannot travel for free on King's Day; you will travel using your card balance with a 40% discount instead. Students with a weekend season ticket can travel for free on King's Day.

Pass quickly through the gates

The gates at most of the major stations in the Netherlands are now operational, including Amsterdam Centraal. In order to ensure quick passage through the gates, keep your ticket ready before you reach the gate. Did you know that you don't have to wait until the gate closes behind the person in front of you to pass through the gates? You can check in and out before the gates close, in order to pass quickly through the gates.

If you have an e-ticket, you can only pass through the gates equipped with a barcode reader. You can recognise these gates by the 'window' and scanticket symbol. This also applies to tickets downloaded to your smartphone. But remember to increase the brightness on your screen before you reach the gate, in order to prevent traffic jams at the gate.

Good to know

Keep in mind that we expect large numbers of visitors on King's Night and King's Day, so plan on larger crowds than usual at the stations and in the trains.

Plan your journey

Prepare for your journey with the NS Travel Planner or the NS-app. That way, you can see what effect the revised Oranjedienstregeling timetable will have on your journey. Keep in mind that the stations and trains will be more crowded than usual, so plan on leaving early. Also, check your return departure time in advance, so that you don't miss your connection if you plan on travelling later at night.

Check for the most current departure times before you leave on the day itself. The updated departure information will be displayed on the digital screens at the stations. You can also check the NS Travel Planner or the NS App during your journey.