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Fake NS e-mails

Sometimes there are e-mails circulating that appear to originate from NS, but that are actually fake. These are known as phishing e-mails and are intended to gather personal details. These e-mails misuse the NS name and logo in order to induce you to click on a link. If you do so, then scammers may gain access to your personal details.

How to recognise a fake e-mail

Cyber criminals are becoming better and better at creating fake e-mails. Even so, they still make mistakes. Common mistakes include:

  • The link in the e-mail refers to a website that does not belong to NS
  • The salutation is incorrect and the e-mail contains spelling errors
  • The offer in the e-mail is simply too good to be true

Beware! Criminals may also be active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Please note: never call a 0900 number listed in an e-mail! NS will never ask you to call a 0900 number, except perhaps the OV-chipkaart hotline number 0900-0980.