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Warning: fake e-mails

We have received several reports of e-mails falsely attributed to NS. Please watch out for fake e-mails! Although these mails may have a similar layout and content to real NS e-mails or those from our partners, such as Blokker and Kruidvat, they were not sent by NS or our partners.

Our name and logo are being misused by scammers trying to gather personal information. These fake e-mails (or so-called phishing or spam e-mails) often ask you to provide personal information or to click on a link. If you do this, then it is possible that scammers will gain access to your personal information. If, for example, you have sent a password, you may be able to prevent unpleasant consequences by changing it as quickly as possible. It is also a good idea to delete the e-mail.

How do you recognise a fake email?

Cyber criminals are getting better and better at creating fake e-mails. Even so, they still make mistakes. Commonly occurring mistakes are:

  • The sender's e-mail address is not an official address used by NS or one of its partners, like Blokker, Kruidvat, Etos or Hema.
  • The link in the e-mail links to a website that does not belong to NS
  • The header is incorrect and the e-mail contains several spelling mistakes
  • Finally, it is often the case that the offer being made sounds too good to be true, and it is

NS regularly posts examples of the most recent fake e-mails on this page, so that you can see which fake e-mails we are already aware of. Beware! Scammers are also active on Facebook and Instagram.


Phishing mails usually link to sites that display a 0900 number that you are expected to call. If you do so, you will be billed an expensive rate per minute, but you will not receive the tempting offer promised in the mail.

How can you recognise an e-mail or offer from NS?

You can recognise an e-mail or offer from NS by the sender address, which ends with ns.nl. In addition, all of our current offers are published on the NS website(s).

Which mail addresses and URLs does NS use, and are therefore reliable?

Reporting fake emails and websites

If you receive a fake email that appears to originate from NS, then you can report this using the email address valse.email@ns.nl. Send an example of the fake email as an attachment and report the name of the sender and the subject of the email. Your report will be used to identify new fake emails and warn other customers.  

If the fraudulent e-mail you have received is listed below, then we already know about it and you need not report it. 

Examples of fake social media offers

Examples of fake websites