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Fake NS e-mails

There are e-mails circulating that appear to originate from NS, but that are actually fake. These are known as phishing e-mails and are intended to gather personal details. These e-mails misuse the NS name and logo in order to induce you to click on a link. If you do so, then scammers may gain access to your personal details.

How to recognise a fake e-mail

Cyber criminals are becoming better and better at creating fake e-mails. Even so, they still make mistakes. Common mistakes include:

  • The sender's e-mail address is not an official e-mail address used by NS or one of its partners, such as Blokker, Kruidvat, Etos or Hema
  • The link in the e-mail refers to a website that does not belong to NS
  • The salutation is incorrect and the e-mail contains spelling errors
  • The offer in the e-mail is simply too good to be true

NS regularly posts examples of the most recent fake e-mails on this page, so you can see which ones we're already aware of. Beware! Criminals may also be active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Please note: never call a 0900 number listed in an e-mail! NS will never ask you to call a 0900 number.

  • Reporting fake emails

    Did you receive a fake email or have you seen a fake Facebook message? Can’t you find it in the list above? Then we’d like to hear from you. You can report the email or social media message to valse.email@ns.nl. You can put the example in the attachment. In case of an email, tell us the address it came from and the subject line. Your message will be used to recognise fake emails better in the future and to inform other customers.