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House rules at the station and in the trains

NS enforces certain house rules in and around the stations to ensure your safety and that of your fellow travellers. Read here which rules apply at the station and aboard the train.

NS House Rules

Certain house rules apply at all NS stations and aboard the train. Travellers are required to adhere to these house rules. The house rules are posted at the stations and in the trains on stickers, posters and other communications, such as information provided by NS personnel.

In addition to these standard house rules, you are required to comply with the following rules at all times:

  • Whistle = do not board 
    You are not allowed to board the train once the conductor has blown the departure whistle. This is for your own safety and that of your fellow travellers. The doors to the train must close before the scheduled departure time, so that the train can depart on time.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere
    Smoking is prohibited at the stations and in the train. This smoking ban also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes and similar devices.
  • Identification is required
    You are required to be able to provide proof of valid identification in the stations and aboard the trains, for example when using an age-specific or personal ticket or if you violate a house rule, condition or law.
  • No feet on the seats
    Everyone wants to travel in a clean train. So please do not place your feet on the seat, and dispose of rubbish in the wastebins provided for that purpose.
  • Maintain order, calm and safety
    While you are at the stations and in the train, you are required to act in a manner that does not disturb the public order, calm setting, safety or operations./li>
  • Do not abuse the emergency brake and/or button
    You may not abuse the emergency brake switch in the train, the emergency button at the gates or the SOS button on the service and alarm post or any similar facilities. If you do, then NS may impose a fine of € 125 per incident that is payable on the spot. You will also be required to compensate NS for any and all damages resulting from your actions.
  • Do not record video or audio of NS personnel
    You may not make any photographic, video or audio recordings of NS personnel without the express prior permission of NS.

Bringing a bicycle onto the train

You can take your bicycle on the train with you, but there are some rules for this. Following these rules helps to ensure a pleasant and responsible journey for everyone. For example, you may only place your bicycle in the designated spot in the train, and you must be in possession of a Fietskaart Dal.

Smoking ban

Smoking is prohibited at the stations, station halls, stairways, lifts, tunnels, platforms and in the train. As of 1 October 2020, all stations are entirely non-smoking. This smoking ban includes the use of electronic cigarettes and other similar devices.