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Reporting overcrowding on the train

If you find yourself in an overcrowded train, please let us know via the NS app so that we can improve our services.

Reporting crowded trains with the NS app

We analyse the reports of crowded trains we receive via the NS app to help us make forecasts and to keep our crowding indicator up-to-date and reliable. We also use the data to improve our services. We investigate reported trains, and take actions such as extending the trains on specific routes.

How does the crowd reporter work?

  1. Plan the journey you are currently making, or have made in the past. You can report overcrowding afterwards using the crowd reporter.
  2. Press the train for which you wish to report the level of overcrowding.
  3. Click on ‘Report overcrowding’. On an iPhone, this button is on the top right of the screen, and on Android it is on the bottom right.
  4. You can now report the level of overcrowding. You can indicate how you feel about the level of overcrowding using a smiley, as well as specifying whether you had to stand or were able to sit, and whether you travelled in 1st or 2nd class. You can then click on 'submit' to report the level of overcrowding.

What happens to my reports?

Every crowding report is important to us. The more serious reports we receive, the better idea we have of the number of passengers and whether it is a one-time incident or a structural problem. And if it's the latter, then we will take action to correct it.

Crowding indicator

The crowding indicator in our NS app shows you the number of people you can expect on a specific train. This is represented using 1, 2 or 3 figures. A red exclamation point next to the figures indicates that the train is shorter than originally planned, so it may be more crowded than usual. That way, you can see if an earlier or later train may be less crowded, so that you can have a comfortable journey.