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Luggage at the station

Luggage lockers and depots are available at and around the station to help you safely and easily store your luggage.

Luggage lockers and depots

Would you like to store your luggage safely? Luggage lockers are available for hire at the station. These lockers are secured electronically and are easy to use.

Locker dimensions

  • Small locker: 90cm deep, 45cm high and 40cm wide
  • Large locker: 90cm deep, 60cm high and 40cm wide


  Small locker Large locker
0 - 24 hours € 3.85 € 5.70
25 - 72 hours € 5.55 per 24 hours € 8.45 per 24 hours
After 72 hours € 7.60 per 24 hours € 11.25 per 24 hours
  • Surcharge for lost ticket € 10
  • The maximum locker rental period is 3 days. From day 4 to day 10, you pay € 7.60 per 24 hours, and NS retains the right to remove your luggage from the locker. The locker will be emptied after 10 days, and you will be charged a fee of € 70 for administrative costs, storage and the shipment of your luggage.
  • Different rates apply for the stations Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal, Den Haag Centraal, 's-HertogenboschEindhoven and Utrecht Centraal.

Paying for luggage lockers

You pay when you collect your luggage. The rental term is 24 hours. If you open your locker in the meantime, you will have to pay again.

You pay for the first 24 hours using a debit card (PIN), Maestro, Visa or Mastercard. The maximum rental period is 72 hours, after which your luggage will be removed and sent to the Central Found Items Bureau in Utrecht. If you have any questions, please call 0900 - 3212100 anytime day or night.

If your luggage is left in the locker too long

If your luggage is left in the locker for more than 72 hours, we will offer to send it to your home address. Simply fill in the ‘Luggage removal form’. NS can store your items for a maximum of three months. We will bill you a fee of € 70 for storage and shipment.