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Service & Toegangspas

You can request a Service & Toegangspas or a Toegang Passagepas if you are employed by a transport company that provides service.

For whom is the Service & Toegangspas intended?

For employees of all transport companies providing a service (drivers, operators, and station employees who help travellers and emergency services gain access to the stations).

How to order

Click on the 'Toegangspas en Service & Toegangspas aanvragen' link to enter our web portal, where you can order a pass. These passes are available free of charge for eligible pass holders. The passage desk will process your request and send you the products within 5-10 working days.

Using the Toegangspas

The Service & Toegangspas may only be used for the purpose for which it was issued; gaining access to the part of the station enclosed by access gates, which limit access to travellers transported by the relevant passenger travel provider. This pass is for individual use only. You may not lend the pass to another person. This pass allows you to provide service to the people who need it at the station.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a Service & Toegangspas?

You can order a Service & Toegangspas via the web portal. Click on the yellow button to order a Service & Toegangspas.

How long is a passagepas valid?

For 2 years.

My pass will expire soon. How can I order a new pass? 

In early November, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to order a new pass.

Additional information

Do you have any questions?

Please contact NS Customer Service