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The station and the station district in Groningen are being prepared for the future. Changes to the tracks, the station and the area around the station are required in order to facilitate the growing number of passengers and carriers using the station. As part of the Groningen Spoorzone project, NS has joined forces with ProRail and the City of Groningen to make Groningen more accessible with better public transport connections and a more attractive station.

In order to facilitate the additional trains arriving in Groningen, Europapark station will be expanded with an additional platform and a fourth rail line to the station. This will allow regional trains to continue on from Groningen Noord to Groningen Europapark.

A new bus tunnel will be built under the rail line, to allow buses to reach the new bus station on the south side of Groningen station. A new pedestrian passageway will also make it easier to reach the platforms. A new bicycle tunnel will also enable cyclists to go between the 'city balcony' and a new underground bicycle storage facility on the south side of the station. 
More trains arriving at Groningen station will mean that the station no longer has space for a ranging yard, so the facility will be moved to 'De Vork' in Haren. In order to accommodate the ranging yard to its surroundings, an archaeological walking path will be laid out on the Haren side of the yard. Moving the ranging yard will free up space for new opportunities for development on the south side of Groningen station, and the new formal entrance and public square will make the area an attractive location to live, work, and relax.

On the north side of the station, the connection between the station area and the city centre will be improved. The Groningen Spoorzone project will restore the station building's original monumental function, and the station hall will once again become the logical entrance and exit to the station. 


NS will be working on the tracks and the stations until 2023. In 2019, the rails and the service facilities at the new railyard will be laid, and an extra platform and facilities will be realised at Groningen Europapark station. We will also begin preparations for the construction of the fourth rail line between Groningen station and Groningen Europapark.

In 2020, we will begin working at and around Groningen station. The pedestrian passageway, the bicycle tunnel, the bicycle storage facility, the platforms, and the connection for the regional train lines to Groningen station are expected to be complete by 2022. In 2023, the bus tunnel and station should be finished, and we will begin developing the areas to the north and south of Groningen station.

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