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The station and the station district in Groningen are being prepared for the future. Changes to the tracks, the station and the area around the station are required in order to facilitate the growing number of passengers and carriers using the station. Under the name of Groningen Spoorzone, the municipality, province, ProRail and NS are working together on improving the accessibility of Groningen by means of a better public transport connection and a more attractive station.

The preparations and the works commenced in and around Groningen station in 2020. The upgraded station is expected to be ready for use in 2026. The municipality of Groningen and NS will then get started on the area development, first on the southern side of Groningen station and in parallel with planning for the northern side. 

Old railway siding gone

Because Groningen Station was having to deal with increasing numbers of trains, there was no longer room for the old railway siding for the technical maintenance and cleaning of trains. During the summer of 2020, this site was relocated to 'De Vork' in Haren, a newly developed, larger railway siding in the junction between the rail lines to Assen and Winschoten. To make this siding fit into its surroundings, an archaeological walking park was created on the Haren side.

The relocation of the siding offers new opportunities for the southern side of Groningen station. The fully functioning entrance and the construction of a plaza enable promising developments with respect to residential, work and recreational areas.

Bus underpass, bicycle tunnel and pedestrian passage

An underpass for buses will be constructed below the station's tracks. This will give buses access to the new bus station on the southern side of Groningen Station. A pedestrian passage will improve accessibility of the platforms. In addition, a bicycle tunnel will be constructed beneath the centre of the tracks, running from the city concourse to the southern side of the station. 

On the north side of the station, the connection between the station area and the city centre will be improved. The Groningen Spoorzone project will restore the station building's original monumental function, renovate it and improve its sustainability, and the station hall will once again become the logical entrance and exit to the station. Retail offerings will be adapted to suit the new station layout.

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