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The station and the station district in Groningen are being prepared for the future. Changes to the tracks, the station and the area around the station are required in order to facilitate the growing number of passengers and carriers using the station. All work activities are being conducted under the banner of Groningen Spoorzone.

Changes to the tracks

Recently, the timetable between Groningen-Zwolle and Groningen-Leeuwarden has become significantly busier. There are also more trains running on regional railway tracks. In order to improve the railway network, the following measures, among others, are being taken:

  • Space is being made for a new Intercity Groningen-Zwolle
  • The number of tracks between Groningen station and Groningen Europapark station is being increased to 4
  • Europapark station is getting a new platform
  • The train yard is being moved to "De Vork" (Rouaanstraat) in the Municipality of Haren

Changes to the station

Three tunnels are being constructed under the station: for passengers, cyclists and buses. The underground route for buses connects the Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer-as – a route that enables passengers to travel quickly and reliably with public transport – with the north side of the station. This takes pressure off the main roads. The bicycle tunnel connects current bicycle storage area under the Stadsbalkon with the future storage area on the south side of the station. The passenger tunnel can be used to access all the platforms, but also to walk from one neighbourhood to the other.


The planning for the Groningen Spoorzone project has been updated. The construction of the train yard at De Vork is the first construction project in the Groningen Spoorzone project. In addition to developments at De Vork, procedures for the acquisition of land at De Vork, the choice for an underground bus route and the moving of the bus station at the main station have affected the planning.

The connection of regional train services, the passenger tunnel and the new bus station are expected to be ready by 2022. After that, finalising work will be carried out. The duration of these sub-projects will remain the same. The contracting for the project Spoor will start in the summer of 2017 and later on in the year contracting for the Station will start. Once these sub-projects have been completed, work on the surrounding area and the south and north side of the station can begin.