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NS Perronwijzer app

If you have trouble reading the signs above the platforms, then as of today you can download the NS Perronwijzer app. The app provides information about the next train departing from the platform where you are standing, to help you make sure you're boarding the correct train. If you have speech activated on your telephone, then the app will read the information displayed on the signs above the platforms. The app is easy to operate: just press a few buttons and you can hear the most important information pertaining to the platform where you are standing.

The NS Perronwijzer app provides information about:

  • the next two trains departing from the selected platform;
  • the departure time;
  • the final destination;
  • the train type, such as Intercity or Sprinter;
  • all intermediate stations;
  • special information, such as delays or 'do not board'.

The app also allows you to search for a station and view all of the current departure times.

The NS Perronwijzer app provides information from all stations in the Netherlands, including those not served by NS itself.

Some information is not yet available in the app, such as 'pay attention to announcements'. We are currently studying how to make all information displayed on the signs above the platforms available in the app, so that the NS Perronwijzer can provide all of the relevant information.

Using the NS Perronwijzer in 5 steps

  1. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Open the app
  3. Select the station
  4. Select the platform
  5. The app will display the information shown on the relevant platform sign.

If you have activated your location, then the app will automatically display the nearest station. If you have not activated your location, then you can search for both the platforms and the departure times for a selected station using the search bar. 

Accessible travel for everyone

The NS Perronwijzer was made possible by NS, developed in collaboration with the Eye Association Netherlands, and tested by visually impaired and blind individuals. Our ambition is to offer all of our customers an accessible journey, so each year we work together with interest groups to improve the services for our travellers with a disability. In so doing, we make train travel a bit more convenient for everyone.