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Blocked OV-chipkaart

Your OV-chipkaart is blocked. What now? Your OV-chipkaart might be blocked for one of several reasons. Read about the reasons and how to un-block your card below.

Never experience a blocked card again with NS Flex

Negative balance

Your OV-chipkaart does not have a sufficient balance, so you cannot check in or travel with a season ticket. Top up your balance to at least € 20 (or € 10 if you have an NS season ticket) and you can continue on your way.

Did you forget to check in or out?

You have forgotten to check out a few times. After 12 times, your card will automatically be blocked. To un-block your card again, please go to the service desk for the transport company where you last checked out.

Unpaid invoices

Your payments are in arrears due to the inability to debit your bank account via 'automatic top-up'. To see how to pay the amount due and un-block your card, visit the website

If you have more questions about a blocked OV-chipkaart, please contact the OV-chipkaart Customer Service at tel.: 0900–0980 (usual rates apply).