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Loading and activating products to your OV-chipkaart

If you wish to take advantage of NS products such as class changes or combined travel discounts, simply load them onto your OV-chipkaart and activate them.

Loading changing class onto your OV-chipkaart

When you order a season ticket or an OV-chipkaart, it is usually for 1st or 2nd class. But you can also choose to change the class temporarily or permanently.

Combined travel discount on your OV-chipkaart

If you will be travelling with an NS season ticket holder then in most cases you can make use of the combined travel discount. The season ticket holder is allowed to bring a maximum of 3 people with them at a discount of 40% during peak discount hours. 

In order to take advantage of the discount, you must first load the combined travel discount onto your own OV-chipkaart at an NS Ticket Machine or the NS service desk. You can do this with an anonymous or personal OV-chipkaart with at least € 10 balance on it.