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Traveling between the Netherlands and other countries

Each year, approximately 8 million people use the train to travel from the Netherlands to other countries or vice versa. Train passengers from other countries do not usually have an OV-chipkaart. Even so, they can get through the gates simply by using the square barcode on their ticket or a KeyCard given to them on the train or at the station.

Arriving in the Netherlands from abroad

Travelers arriving in the Netherlands from abroad can use the square barcode on the ticket to open the gates. But what if your ticket doesn't have a barcode? In that case you can obtain a KeyCard in the station or on the train. This card is a key that opens the gates. So remember to keep it somewhere safe if you will be making a return journey.

Assistance at the station

If you're not sure what to do at the station, one of our service staff will be happy to help you. If you can't find a member of our service staff, then you can use the information pole at the gates. Simply press the blue button for assistance.

Travelling from the Netherlands to another country

If you're using an international ticket to travel abroad, you don't need to check in. If the gates are closed you can open them with the square barcode on your ticket.

If you buy an international ticket on a single-use chipkaart, you will need to check in at your departure station. When you check in, the gates will open. You should check out when you return at your arrival station in the Netherlands.