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Validity of tickets

See which carriers will accept your ticket. This can vary for national and international routes. It can also depend on the carrier company with which you are travelling.

Arriva, Breng, Keolis, Connexxion and DB Regionalbahn Westfalen

The regional carriers Arriva, Breng, Keolis, Connexxion, and DB Regionalbahn Westfalen provide some of the train transport in the Netherlands. The following principles apply for the transport carried out by these regional carriers: :

  • NS season tickets are valid on these routes. This means that you can travel with these regional carriers using an NS season ticket on your OV chipkaart.
  • The Dagkaart fiets, Dagkaart hond and the Railrunner are also valid on routes run by these regional carriers.
  • At NS ticket machines, you can purchase single-use chipkaart tickets to all stations in the Netherlands. When you purchase a one-way or return ticket, there may be multiple possible routes to your destination. The prices for each route may differ. If, upon purchase, you choose one route, then the (regional) carriers with which your ticket is valid will be shown on the ticket. If you choose for a free choice of route, then your ticket will be valid on all carriers.
  • The NS terms and conditions (AVR-NS) do not apply on routes run by regional carriers. Here, the Terms and Conditions for urban and regional travel apply.
  • You can see which carriers run on which routes in the Travel planner.

National trains

The PDF Overview of all available tickets shows which carriers and/or routes accept NS tickets. For more information about the validity of NS tickets, see the 'Single-use tickets' page.

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