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Information point and medical examinations

In addition to the fact that employees can always turn to their managers, we want to ensure that there is absolutely no obstacle to any question about chromium 6 for employees, former employees, temporary workers or self-employed workers. That's why an independent information point has been set up at the CAOP and arranged under the direction of the CAOP, for current and former employees (including temporary workers and the self-employed) of NS (formerly NedTrain). The CAOP is an independent foundation supervised by the social partners is an important source of knowledge for employment matters. The CAOP also handles applications for targeted (independent) medical examination.

Questions or comments?

The information point can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on 070 376 54 58. You can find more information on the CAOP website.

CAOP can also be contacted by e-mail

Or by post

CAOP / Informatiepunt Chroom 6 NedTrain
Antwoordnummer 10689
2501 BW Den Haag