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Sponsoring and collaboration

NS wants to enable people to travel from door to door as simply and comfortably as possible. That is also our basic principle when we assess requests for collaboration. We only consider collaborations that will contribute to our role in society.

Other criteria

A second criterion when considering collaboration is financing. Our staff, resources and equipment are not unlimited and will be deployed first and foremost to further improve our service provision to customers.

Submitting a request for collaboration

Do you have an idea that involves collaboration with NS, and will benefit our passengers? Then read about the ground rules that apply to your request and how you can submit it. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Your wishes and our ground rules

In order to ensure that initiatives and projects are structurally beneficial to passengers, we have set the following criteria to be used when considering a request:

  1. Relevance for our passengers
    Your project contributes to the pleasantness of our customers' door-to-door journeys.
  2. Benefits for the passengers and cost effective
    Your project has benefits for our passengers, and thus helps to increase customer satisfaction and improve service provision. It is also preferable that it cuts costs.
  3. Aligns with our marketing goals and positioning
    Your initiative makes travelling with NS a more attractive option or introduces it to people in a compelling manner. Your project aligns with our other marketing communication and positioning activities.
  4. We do not give out funds
    NS does not give out money when collaborating. Our main contribution is the deployment of our personnel, resources and equipment.
  5. NS is the director
    In order to remain as close as possible to our passengers, NS prefers to maintain control as much as possible during collaborations.
  6. NS works with strong brands
    NS serves all inhabitants of the Netherlands. We are inextricably linked with Dutch society and for this reason, we want to work with organisations that are also leaders in their fields. This way, we can strengthen NS together.


Does your project structurally benefit our passengers and meet the aforementioned criteria? Then we would love to receive a proposal regarding the possible form the collaboration could take. Fill in the form and submit it. We will then process your request as quickly as possible.