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Flexible and versatile travel

NS invests in all forms of transport that complement train travel, because hardly anyone travels only by train. Your trip starts with the NS app, which makes it easy for you to plan your complete journey by public transport. That means train, OV-fiets or shared car. We also provide travellers with the best possible assistance during their journey, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, as delivered by our staff and our digital services.

The NS app: for each and every one of us

As the mobility options available increase, our travel choices are becoming more individualised. You might choose a particular mode of transport depending on your destination or departure point, the time of day, or your route or travel companions. The NS app provides comprehensive access to public transport, with each mode of transport integrated seamlessly with the others, so that there's nothing to stop you from switching from one carrier to another.

Personalised information

The NS app provides you with personalised, functional travel information for your entire trip, from door to door. It also gives you access to NS products and services. With the app you have travel information available, including information on accessible travel, ticket purchases and services. From service disruptions on the route, to the status of a season ticket or a current complaint, or details of a forthcoming day out: through the NS app, we remain in constant contact with travellers about a wide range of subjects. If you want, we can take a proactive approach, providing personalised travel advice based on past travel. All of this is delivered via the app, always with your permission, and your privacy is guaranteed.

Mobility as a Service

The NS app gives you easy access to all the transport options offered by NS. We ensure that other parties can offer the same via their own apps. At the same time our NS app offers customers access to other products that are closely related to train travel, while also being of high quality and sustainable.

By 2025 you'll be doing it all by app

  • Our apps incorporate new features and concepts that we develop in order to make travelling by train more appealing and fun. For example, better travel guidance or entertainment
  • Up-to-date information on how busy trains are
  • Route monitoring: not just for your train trip, but from door to door. Are you travelling by car to the station and is it going to be busier than normal? In that case you'll receive a message advising you to leave earlier, or about the options for taking a later train.
  • Travel information on your route to the station.
  • Availability of parking spaces and places for charging your electric step/bicycle/scooter/shared car.
  • Order a cup of coffee, which will be prepared for you at the familiar Kiosk on the platform.
  • Personal travel information in the train, including announcements in text or audio form in the language of your choice.
  • Advance information on your arrival station: a map showing where you will be arriving and directions for your onward journey. You can also book an electric bike or shared car while you're still in the train.
  • Insights on your travel history, options to avoid busy services and to minimise costs and even the impact on the environment (CO2 footprint).