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Damage repair

Our damage repair personnel are all-rounders. They are familiar with all types of equipment, old and new. Our technicians know their business. Whether they are dealing with small scratches, that are repaired during maintenance or servicing, or large-scale damage repair: the result is guaranteed to be good.

Focus on suitable materials

With its team of 34, this department at NS carries out important and impactful work. Work ranges from the repair of relatively small damage, such as simple shunting damage, to severe collisions and burnt out carriages. The focus is on safety and the availability of equipment for the customer. Combining these two is not always easy.

The department employs all disciplines: production support staff, metalworkers, an interior construction group and electrical and pneumatic system builders. The Damage repair company has repaired more than 500 vehicles over the years.

Standby service

The technical standby service provides expert advice regarding the most suitable maintenance company for each damaged train. There, a team of experts is available to make a detailed report of the damages. Naturally, the entire train is inspected just to be sure. The experts then draft a work plan. This plan provides the technicians with guidelines to help them skillfully repair the damages.

Repair reports

Once the repairs are complete, a repair report is always drawn up with all of the relevant certificates, protocols and illustrative photographs to prove that the train has been restored to a functionally new condition.