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Maintenance and Service

In order to prevent problems from occurring and to keep the trains running on time, NS regularly conducts short-term maintenance.

Detailed inspections, fast maintenance

During the short-notice maintenance, we work quickly but carefully. We inspect the train and conduct the necessary maintenance. Our workshops are organised in such a way that we can easily reach the roof and carriage of the train to inspect the brakes and wheels, but also the pneumatic components and filters.

Close to the station

At our Technical Centres, we can conduct maintenance on the trains as close to the stations as possible. That way, we can avoid unnecessary train movements, and quickly return the train to service. The Technical Centres are high-tech, sustainable buildings, and are the first rail maintenance workshops in Europe to earn the four-star label from Breeam - a method for determining a building's sustainability level.

Individual maintenance for each train

We ensure that each type of train runs safely and as it was designed to do. Each type has its own maintenance requirements, so we know exactly which inspections need to be conducted every day to ensure that day-to-day maintenance is provided to the smallest detail, for all sorts of clients.

Giving trains a new lease on life

We call maintenance that is needed on an irregular basis 'long-term maintenance'. This includes work on the interior and exterior of the trains - from major conversions of train segments, modernisation of the interior, or the revision of components such as bogies and wheels. All in order to give trains a new lease on life.

From blueprints to finished product

What are the client's needs? Which demands does the manufacturer place on its trains and components? What are the legal requirements? We take everything into consideration, and are flexible in our options. Our expert staff can provide every aspect of train maintenance, from blueprints to the finished product. That means you only need to consult with a single partner.