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Train modernisation in Haarlem

We already have a long history at the NS Train Modernisation (NSTM) site - we've been working here on modernising our trains since 1839. To prepare for the future and ensure the continuity of NS as an employer in the region, we will start redesigning the NSTM site in 2022. Our goal is to use 80% less natural gas by 2030 and to stop using gas completely throughout the entire NSTM site. In the coming years we will be making the buildings more sustainable, as well as renovating and/or redesigning the existing outdated buildings and redesigning the current railroad yard.

What will we be doing in the short term?

We are starting with the construction of a new climate-neutral rolling stock shed, where the recently purchased trains will be maintained and overhauled. Unfortunately, the existing old shed located on Amsterdamsevaart cannot be upgraded for this purpose, so will be dismantled by means of circular methods. The railway yard will also be adapted in phases during this period. Once the old building has been removed, the soil will be remediated before new tracks are laid at the site. Construction of the new rolling stock shed will start in mid-2023. The rolling shed will be climate neutral and approximately 200 metres in length. It will be adjacent to the existing white building, located approximately opposite Amsterdamsevaart house number 100. The new building should be operational at the end of 2024, when the first trains will be serviced there.

Soil remediation with direct effect on nearby trees

The soil remediation process will require some of the trees to be uprooted along Amsterdamsevaart. Excavating the soil near the trees will affect their root structure, possibly resulting in the trees being blown over towards Amsterdamsevaart during a storm. Research has revealed that most of the trees can be preserved by pollarding. Those trees that cannot be saved will be replaced in accordance with the municipality of Haarlem's replanting obligation. This means that we will plant new young trees to compensate for each tree that is uprooted. Our top priority is to preserve the green appearance of the site and improve it where possible.

Consequences for the neighbourhood

We will do our best to minimise any inconvenience associated with temporary construction works taking place during the day. There will be more construction traffic to and from the NSTM site, and this will be routed through a temporary construction entrance via the Amsterdamsevaart. To accommodate this, the current emergency entrance will be relocated about 100m to the east.

If you have any queries, please contact us.