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Corona: questions about your season ticket or train ticket

Many travellers have questions about matters such as stopping or pausing a season ticket, or postponing a Keuzedag (Optional day). We provide answers below to the questions that we are aware of at the moment. This information will be regularly updated.

Questions about season tickets

We advise you to first look through all of the questions before contacting NS Customer Service. We are extremely busy at the moment, which means that the waiting time is longer than you have been accustomed to experiencing with us.

  • What must I do with my season ticket now that the trains are running less frequently and/or I can't go to the office?

    We want to help holders of season tickets keep their costs as low as possible. See below to find out what the best options are with respect to your season ticket.

    Annual season ticket with a balance

    if you have an automatically renewable season ticket with a balance, then you can switch your season ticket immediately to NS Flex Basic. This is also possible if you are still in the first year of your season ticket.

    With NS Flex Basic, there are no season ticket costs and you only pay for the journeys you actually make. Once we go back to operating our normal timetable, you can easily switch your NS Flex Basic to an NS Flex season ticket in Mijn NS.

    Please note: if you have Keuzedagen (Optional days) or a Voordeelurenabonnement (Off-peak discount season ticket), we do not recommend switching to NS Flex, as neither of these options can be combined with an NS Flex season ticket.

    Monthly season ticket with a balance

    if you have a monthly season ticket, you cannot cancel or change it during the term of the season ticket. However, we would like to help you keep your costs as low as possible, so we can offer you a reimbursement. To find out more, please contact NS Customer Service. Please note: at the moment, the waiting times at NS Customer Service are longer than you've been accustomed to experiencing with us.

    NS Flex season tickets

    if you already have an NS Flex season ticket, then we advise you to change it temporarily to NS Flex basic in Mijn NS. You will not have any fixed season ticket costs, but you will still be able to travel if you have no other option. Once we go back to operating our normal timetable, you can very easily switch back to your original NS Flex season ticket so you can go back to travelling with the discount that you've been accustomed to.

    Intercity direct season tickets

    If you have an IC direct season ticket, then you can be reimbursed for this surcharge. The refund will be calculated as soon as we know exactly how long IC direct has been out of operation. We will inform you about this at that time.

    NS-Business Card

    • Do you manage the NS-Business Cards as the contact person for your organisation, and it is not an NS-Business Collectief? If so, you can change the subscriptions at cardholder level in Mijn NS Zakelijk to an NS-Business Card without subscription. In that case, no subscription costs will be charged. If an NS-Business Collective is involved, or if you have any other questions, please contact the NS account manager.

    • Do you have an NS-Business Card issued by your employer? If so, ask your organisation's contact person what the options are.
    • Are you a self-employed professional? If so, then you are both cardholder and contact person, and you can change your subscription to an NS-Business Card without subscription in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

    You can read about how to change a subscription in Mijn NS Zakelijk here.

    Other questions

    If you would like to cancel your season ticket, or if you have questions about your personal situation, please visit this page.

  • I have a number of additional optional season tickets, and would now like to convert to NS Flex. Is that possible?

    We advise you not to switch to NS Flex in this case, as NS Flex does not give you a discount on the additional optional season tickets. Please contact NS Customer Service to get advise best suited to your needs. Please note: waiting times at the moment are longer than you've been accustomed to experiencing with us.

  • My Keuzedag (Optional Day) is expiring because I am unable/unwilling/not allowed to travel as a result of the government coronavirus measures. What can I do?

    If your Keuzedag (Optional Day) has expired, NS Customer Service can send you a coupon code that you can use later this year for a free travel day. To arrange this, contact NS Customer Service. Please note: waiting times at NS Customer Service are currently longer than you are accustomed to experiencing with us.

Questions about individual tickets

  • Can I get a refund on my Kruidvat ticket now that I'm unable to travel?

    No, we are not providing refunds on Kruidvat tickets. Instead, we are extending their validity until 31 December 2020.

  • Kan ik mijn geld terugkrijgen voor mijn Trekpleisterkaartje nu ik niet kan reizen?

    Nee, we geven geen geld terug. Wel verlengen we de geldigheid van de Trekpleisterkaartjes tot 31 december 2020.