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Refunds for loss or theft

If your personal OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card with a season ticket is lost or stolen, it is important for you to block the card as quickly as possible to prevent unauthorised use of the card. You can then request a new replacement card. If you need your season ticket, but your replacement card has not yet arrived, you can request a temporary ticked through NS Customer Service. Temporary tickets are not available with the NS-Business Card. For what to do in that case, read the information at the bottom of the page.

Blocking an OV-chipkaart

Has your OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card been lost or stolen? If so, please block your card immediately and request a new one.

Travelling with a temporary ticket

While you are waiting for your new OV-chipkaart to arrive, you can continue to use your season ticket with a temporary ticket by downloading your season ticket to a temporary personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart. The temporary ticket option is not available for the NS-Business Card.

Replacement ticket

Are you waiting for a new OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card? If so, you can also travel with a replacement ticket:

Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij

Do you have an Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij season ticket? If so, you can claim a refund of the entire amount of the Intercity direct surcharges you have to buy while waiting for your new card.

NS-Business Card

In the event of loss or theft of the NS-Business Card with a Traject Vrij season ticket, Trein Vrij season ticket or OV Vrij season ticket, you can request a refund of the travel costs incurred that fall within the season ticket. This is possible during a period of up to 14 days while you are waiting for a new NS-Business Card.