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Staffing and use of free P+R facilities

Information about the use of your data to improve our services at free P+R facilities.

What personal information do we use?

In order to provide up-to-date information about the availability of empty parking spaces at free P+R facilities, we use instruments called counting cameras. We also use these cameras to ensure that there are sufficient parking spaces at these facilities. Counting cameras are cameras that recognise number plates, and are installed at the entrance and exit to the free P+R facilities. In order to prevent your registration number from being recorded, your number plate is encrypted to a 'hash code' directly at the camera, converting the registration number to a random number sequence. This number sequence is only stored in the system for the period when your vehicle is parked at the free P+R facility. Once your vehicle leaves the free P+R facility, the number sequence is deleted from the system.

What do we use your personal information for?

More than 1.2 million travellers pass through train stations in the Netherlands every day. As a junction between pedestrian traffic and public transport, a station is a unique location with transfer options between trains, urban and regional public transport, bicycles and cars, and offer an ever-expanding range of services and facilities.

The grounds for processing the data is: justified interest

We are constantly improving our services at and around the stations. Making stations accessible by car is one of these improvements. By offering P+R facilities, we make stations more accessible by car, with a focus on convenient use of free P+R facilities.

In order to adequately inform you about the current availability of parking spaces at the free P+R facilities, it is essential for us to have insight into the number of occupied spaces and the use of free P+R facilities. In that context, we monitor the occupation rate and use of several free P+R facilities by means of counting cameras equipped with number plate recognition software.

We ensure the safe and careful processing of the data generated by the counting cameras in such a way that the data cannot be directly or indirectly attributed to individual users of the free P+R facility. This guarantees your privacy to the greatest possible extent.

The P+R facilities equipped with counting cameras are indicated by a pictogram. This pictogram also refers to the NS website and the NS privacy statement.

With whom do we share this information?

We contract third parties to provide IT services. These third parties process our information solely for our own internal use, and for no other purpose. We have made agreements with these parties pertaining to the processing of personal information. Your personal data will not be passed on outside of the European Economic Area.

The information about the number of available parking spaces at a specific free P+R facility will be passed on to the RDW open parking data platform. This platform provides information to other systems, such as the NS Travel Planner. These systems can then inform you about the availability of parking spaces at a specific P+R facility.

How long do we store your information?

The encrypted registration number in the form of a random number series is stored only for the time period that your vehicle is parked at the free P+R facility. Once your car leaves the facility, the number is deleted from the system.