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Topping up and paying for travel products

Information about how your details are used when you top up or pay for travel products such as the OV-chipkaart and single-use chipkaart.

What personal data do we use?

If you purchase a travel product from us, such as a season ticket, or top up your card, we will need various data from you, including your contact details, card details and bank details, to finalise the financial transaction. You provided us with this information when you purchased the travel product.

If you have chosen to have your OV-chipkaart topped up automatically by Trans Link, we will not process any bank details.

If you are an NS-Business Card holder or booker,  we will use your business details if possible. NS-Business Card payments are always made by your employer.

What do we use your personal data for?

Topping up products and collecting (overdue) payments for season tickets, for instance, are financial transactions.

The basis for data processing is: performance of a contract and legitimate interest.

Performing financial transactions is part of the agreement we entered into with you. If you do not provide these data and we are therefore incapable of collecting payment, you will not be able to travel with a personal OV-chipkaart. If you do not provide these data to NS or are unwilling to do so, you can travel with an anonymous OV-chipkaart.

It is in our commercial and financial interest to be able to collect any outstanding receivables. This is the case, for instance, if you are fined for travelling without a valid ticket. In this case, the interest of NS outweighs any possible violation of your privacy caused by using your data. On top of that, we take measures to protect your privacy. Only employees who need access to your data to perform their job are given access, for example.

With whom do we share this information?

We can engage third parties, including debt collectors and collection agencies, to collect outstanding receivables on our behalf.

We also outsource IT services to third parties. These third parties process our data solely for our own internal use, and for no other purpose. We have made agreements about the processing of personal data with these parties, pertaining to how this information is secured and stored, for instance.

We are authorised to provide your personal data to parties outside the European Economic Community under certain circumstances. In that event, we will take suitable measures with these parties, for example by agreeing to the standard provisions required by the European Commission.

How long do we store your data?

We will retain your information for up to 18 months after you travel with us.