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Expired OV-chipkaart

An OV-chipkaart is valid for a period of five years. The expiration date is displayed on your OV-chipkaart. You can no longer use an expired card to travel. If you have an NS season ticket, NS will ensure that automatically receive a new OV-chipkaart before your current card expires.

OV-chipkaart with an NS season ticket

If your OV-chipkaart has expired and you have an NS season ticket, NS will always ensure that you receive a new OV-chipkaart. We may ask you to upload a digital passport photo as your old card approaches its expiration date. Please do so in time, so that you can receive a new card before your old one expires. If that happens, you can order a new OV-chipkaart via

No automatic card renewal

If you have an OV-chipkaart with NS Flex Basis, an OV-fiets season ticket, Storage on Account, or KidsVrij, then NS will not automatically send you a new OV-chipkaart. In that case, you must order a new OV-chipkaart yourself when your old one expires.

OV-chipkaart without an NS season ticket

If your OV-chipkaart expires because you have not uploaded a new passport photo in time, or if your expired OV-chipkaart does not have an NS season ticket, then you can request a new OV-chipkaart at The recommended retail price for a new OV-chipkaart is €7.50. If your old card still has a valid season ticket or travel product, then it will be transferred to the new card. 

An anonymous OV-chipkaart cannot be renewed, but you may request a refund for the balance on your card.