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Stations with multiple carriers

Several stations in the Netherlands serve rail carriers other than NS. Each rail carrier has their own access gates.

Different access gates

The following stations are equipped with access gates for NS and for other rail carriers:

  • Arnhem Centraal
  • Amersfoort Centraal
  • Dordrecht
  • Leeuwarden
  • Nijmegen
  • Sittard
  • Zwolle

Checking in and out with the correct carrier

If you will be travelling with NS, make sure to check in and out at the NS access gates.

If you will be travelling with another carrier, such as Arriva or Connexxion, make sure to check in and out at the access gates for the proper carrier. Signs above the gates indicate which carrier they serve. Or pay attention to the colour of the scanner: NS scanners are yellow.

If you will be transferring from one rail carrier to another at one of these stations, for example from NS to Connexxion, then you must check out at the NS post at the platform, then check in at the Connexxion post. You need not pass through the access gates. The same applies to the other rail carriers' gates.

Be sure to check in and out with the correct rail carrier, as it is not possible to check out with another carrier if you have not checked in first.

Checking in and out with different types of tickets

If you will be travelling abroad by train, or are using an e-ticket, then you can open the access gates with the square barcode on your ticket. These gates are wider than the others, both for NS and for other rail carriers. Simply hold the barcode against the illuminated area of the barcode reader, and the gate will open.

An OV-chipkaart with an NS season ticket will open the access gates for any carrier. If you have a season ticket from another rail carrier, you can only open the gates for that carrier. All carriers require you to have sufficient balance on your OV-chipkaart to open the gates (with the exception of the NS-Business Card and a few other season tickets).

Problems checking in and out

Checked in at the wrong gate

Make sure you check out again at the same gate within one hour. Go back through the gate, then check in at the gate for the correct rail carrier. If you realise that you checked in with the wrong carrier after you board the train, please inform the conductor immediately, or else you may risk a fine.

Checked out at the wrong gate

When you check in with NS, you must always check out again with NS. If you try to check out with another carrier, the card reader will automatically check you in again instead, and you will be charged for the boarding fee twice.

Need help with the gates

NS service assistants are available at the station if you need help with the access gates. You can also contact an NS employee by pressing the blue i-button on the Alarm and Information Post.