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Cancelling season tickets

Want to cancel your NS season ticket? Here's how.

Switching your season ticket instead of cancelling it

If you're travelling less than you usually would for a little while, you can also choose to switch to your season ticket to NS Flex Basis. You won't pay any season ticket costs and travel without a discount, but you continue to enjoy the benefits of NS Flex.

Find out how to change your season ticket on the Change season ticket page.

Cancelling season tickets

If you'd like to end your season ticket, for example because you no longer travel by train, check which situation applies to you:

  • Cancelling an NS Flex season ticket

    If you have an NS Flex season ticket and want to cancel it instead of putting it on pause, you can do so each month through our Customer Service:

  • Cancelling a season ticket on balance

    After the first contract year, you can cancel your season ticket on balance on a monthly basis (as of the start date). For example, if your season ticket commenced on the 15th of the month, then after the first year you can cancel the season ticket on the 15th of any month.

    We will send you a message seven weeks before the end date of your contract year.

    Contact our Customer Service:

    Sending a private message on Twitter or Facebook is often the fastest method.

    Switching to NS Flex?
    If you would like to cancel your season ticket in order to switch to NS Flex, you can do so within the first contract year. You do not need to cancel your season ticket beforehand. Switch to NS Flex in Mijn NS

    Please note: since 1 December 2020, NS no longer sells season tickets on a balance basis (except for Dal Voordeel (Off-peak Discount) annual season ticket on balance). If you have Keuzedagen (Optional Days), you're better off waiting to switch to NS Flex, as Keuzedagen are not yet available for NS Flex. We are developing an alternative.

  • Cancelling a season ticket for someone else

    You may only cancel a season ticket if you are the person who entered into the season ticket contract. This may be a different person than the season ticket holder, for example if a parent purchases a season ticket for a child under the age of 18.

    To cancel a season ticket, you can contact NS Customer Service via one of the following options:

    The fastest way is often via a private message on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Cancelling a subscription after the death of the cardholder

    When a cardholder passes away, you can cancel his or her season ticket by contacting NS Customer Service via one of the following channels:

    The fastest way is often via a private message on Twitter or Facebook.

    We are standing by day and night to help you cancel the season ticket or another NS product and to refund any amount remaining on the person's account.

After cancelling your season ticket

What happens next?

  • We'll send you a confirmation e-mail in which we explain how you can remove the season ticket from your OV-chipkaart and the final date on which you can do so.
  • Head to an NS ticketing machine or an OV-chipkaart service point to remove the season ticket from your card.
  • You have to remove your season ticket to complete the cancellation process, after which you won't have to pay for your season ticket anymore.
  • If you bought a pre-paid season ticket, we'll automatically return the excess amount.

As long as your OV-chipkaart remains valid, you can continue to use it with NS and other carriers.