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Refunds for storm Poly, 5 July 2023

First, we would like to express our sympathy for any inconvenience you experienced as a result of storm Poly, which wreaked havoc across the Netherlands on 5 July. We realise us that you may have suffered inconveniences due to storm-related train cancellations, especially in the northern provinces. Travellers who incurred expenses in order to get home due to the storm may be eligible for compensation. Read how you can request compensation below.

Would you like to submit a claim?

Over the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to submit a claim for the expenses you have incurred. We recommend you use our online expense claim form. We aim to process your claim within 4 weeks.

I had bought a single-use ticket or e-ticket for 5 July, and would like to schedule my journey for another date.

  • If you had a single-use ticket or e-ticket for 5 July, but were not able to make full use of it as scheduled, please contact NS Customer Service to order a new train ticket. The new train ticket will be valid for a new date, for the same terms and conditions. 
  • If you bought a new ticket on 6 July to continue your journey scheduled for 5 July, then you can request a refund for the costs from  NS Customer Service.

Please note: you must include the valid ticket for 5 July with your refund request, so please do not throw it away. 

I had a valid ticket for 5 July, and would like to submit a request for a refund due to delays.

You can request a refund by submitting a Delay Refund request form

I incurred expenses due to the disruption of service on 5 July, and I would like to submit an expense claim.

If you have spent money on alternate or replacement transport, you can submit a refund request using the online expense claim form.

Good to know: 

  • We may offer compensation for the cost of replacement transport via other bus, tram or metro service providers. 
  • To be eligible for this compensation, you must provide proof of a ticket that was valid on 5 July.  This may be in the form of an e-ticket, an OV-chipkaart with a valid check-in, or a single-use chipkaart with the correct date. If you do not have a ticket, you must be able to prove your intention to travel on the date in question.  
  • In most cases, we will ask for proof of the expense, such as a receipt or invoice. 
  • If you wish to claim compensation for using your own mode of transportation, then we will offer the government-recommended amount of € 0.21 per kilometre.