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Renting a bicycle at a guarded bicycle storage

It is easy to rent an OV-fiets at a guarded bicycle storage facility. Simply ask the attendant, and he or she will help you through the 2 options.

An OV-fiets at a guarded bicycle storage

At a guarded bicycle storage, the attendant will scan the bicycle key and your OV-chipkaart, and you can remove an OV-fiets from the storage. Or you can scan your OV-chipkaart yourself and you will receive a scanned key from the attendant. Next, find the OV-fiets with the matching number. When you return the bicycle, the attendant only has to scan the key.

Check the bicycle

Before you leave, check the tyre pressure and the bicycle light. If the bicycle is not in good working order, bring it back within 15 minutes and you will not be charged for the bicycle rental, and you will be given a replacement bicycle.

Return to the same storage

If you rent a bicycle from the guarded storage, you can return your bicycle to a self-service storage facility for an extra fee of € 10.

Always remember to check the opening hours. If you expect to return after the storage facility closes, ask if there is another way to return the bicycle. Often, the facility will have a key box where you can return the key after you have locked up the OV-fiets.

But please note: you must pay for the rental until the key has been scanned. You are liable for the risk of parking the OV-fiets outside the storage facility.