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Renting from an OV-fiets locker

The OV-fiets locker is an automated rental location. If you have an OV-chipkaart with an OV-fiets season ticket, you can rent an OV-fiets from the locker. If you would like to rent a second bicycle, simply repeat the process and take another bicycle from the locker.

Recognising the OV-fiets locker

You can recognise the OV-fiets lockers in the unmanned bicycle storage areas by the OV-fiets logo on the side. One of the lockers is equipped with a blue control panel with a display and buttons.

How to rent an OV-fiets

  • Simply insert your OV-chipkaart into the metal slot.
  • The display shows the number of the locker door that you can open. To open the locker door, simply pull the door handle upwards. This can take a bit of effort, so use enough force.
  • Remove the OV-fiets.
  • Close the door carefully and watch the display to see the message stating that the door is locked.

Returning the OV-fiets

When you return an OV-fiets, insert your OV-chipkaart into the metal slot on the blue control panel. You will be asked if the bicycle is in good condition. If that is not the case, you can report the damage or defects in the screen. The OV-fiets will not be rented out again until the defects have been repaired. When you are finished with this step, the display will show the number of the locker you can use to return the bicycle. Place the OV-fiets back in the locker, close the door carefully and wait until the screen indicates that the door is securely locked.