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Claims and restitution

Information about how your personal data are used to settle claims and restitution requests.

What personal data do we use?

Trains are sometimes delayed and travellers occasionally forget to check out. If something like this should happen and you are entitled to a full or partial refund, we will pay you back. To do so, we need to use data you gave to us when you purchased the product or when you filed the claim, such as your contact details, OV-chipkaart number, bank details, or travel details.

If you already own or recently ordered an NS-Business Card from NS Zakelijk, we will use your business details if possible. If you forgot to check out, we will refund your employer. If your train was delayed, we will transfer the refund to your own bank account.

What do we use your personal data for?

We constantly strive to improve our service. However, you might still run into delays or cancelled trains, or forget to check out. In that case, you might be entitled to a delay refund or another type of restitution.

You might also be unable to continue your travels in the unfortunate event of a payment processing error.

The principle for data processing is: performance of the contract.

If your train has been delayed or if you forgot to check out, you can request a refund via delay refund, an NS International delay refund, or a 'forgot to check out' refund. In that case, we will use your contact details and travel details to determine whether you are entitled to restitution. We will also use your bank details to transfer the refund. For more information, please contact NS Customer Service. If you have an NS Zakelijk NS-Business Card, 'forgot to check out' refunds will be settled on your employer's invoice.

In case of a disruption to payment services, NS aims to give you a refund automatically if you have paid too much as a result of the disruption. You will not have to contact NS Customer Service yourself, and we will either give you a rebate or reimburse it on the next invoice. You can collect your credit for travelling with balance at an NS Ticket Machine or a collection point. Visit to find out whether you qualify for automatic reimbursement. In order to make this possible, NS will - exclusively for this specific purpose - process your travel details. If you do not wish detailed travel information to be processed for this purpose, please notify NS Customer Service.

With whom do we share data?

We contract third parties to provide IT services. These third parties process our data solely for our own internal use, and for no other purpose. We have made agreements with these parties pertaining to the processing of personal data.

We are authorised to provide your personal data to parties outside the European Economic Community under certain circumstances.In that event, we will take suitable measures with these parties, for example by agreeing to the standard provisions required by the European Commission.

How long do we store your data?

We will store your personal for up to 18 months after making the trip.