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Purchasing, deactivating, rescheduling and cancelling travel products

Information about how your data is used when purchasing travel products such as the OV-chipkaart, individual or international tickets and single-use chipkaart cards.

What personal data do we use?

Whether or not we will process your personal information depends on which travel product you have purchased.

There are various ways in which you can travel with NS. You can opt for a personal OV-chipkaart, an anonymous OV-chipkaart, an e-ticket, or a disposable ticket. If you choose a personal OV-chipkaart or an e-ticket, we will need certain information. You must provide this information yourself, including your contact details, date of birth, and bank details.

We will also need a passport photo for your OV-chipkaart, which enables us to identify you when you're travelling with us. All information required to issue the OV-chipkaart is registered by us and by TransLink Systems B.V.

The OV-chipkaart contains a chip ID. This chip contains an electronic wallet with your balance and an 'OV-module'. The OV-module contains the information of your last 10  travel transactions, your last two top-up transactions, your travel product(s), any permissions, such as automatic top-up, and your date of birth.

If you are the holder or booker of an NS-Business Card from NS Zakelijk, we will use your business contact information where possible. We may obtain this information from your employer.

If you purchase an international train ticket, all information required to issue the ticket is registered by BeNe Rail International (an international collaboration between the NS and Belgische Spoorwegen) and by us.

We don't need any personal information if you want to purchase an anonymous OV-chipkaart. If you want to stop using your anonymous OV-chipkaart and want to reclaim your current balance, we will make use of the requisite personal information, such as your contact details and your account number. In this case, you must provide the information yourself.

We do not process any personal information if you purchase a disposable ticket.

What do we use your personal data for?

We use your personal information to deliver, deactivate or block travel products, including season tickets, travelling on balance or credit and e-tickets, and for delivering travel product carriers, such as the OV-chipkaart. During the ordering process, we check whether the OV-chipkaart on which you want to order a product is still valid, and whether there are any conflicting products on the OV-chipkaart that may prevent you travelling on the NS product or on another carrier's product.

Data may be processed after an agreement is made and executed

We need the information requested for personal OV-chipkaarten or personal international tickets to enter into an agreement with you and to execute said agreement. If you do not provide this information, or if you are unwilling to do so, you cannot purchase a personal OV-chipkaart or international ticket. In that case, you can opt for an anonymous OV-chipkaart.

Some products let you travel on account. In this situation, we are offering you credit that you will have to pay back at a later point in time. Because we want to minimise financial risk and consider it important that purchasing this type of products does not leave you with any financial problems, such as debt, we have a credit check performed before entering into the agreement. In addition to the credit check, we will assess whether you are in arrears based on the information you provide, as this would preclude the NS from accepting you as a customer.

The credit check is an essential part of the ordering process, if we are to enter into an agreement in which we provide you with credit. If you do not agree to the credit check, you will not be able to travel on account with us. If the credit check produces a negative result, you will automatically be rejected and will not be able to purchase a travel product on account. In this case, you will be able to opt for one of the various other NS travel products. The decision is made automatically, based on a number of predetermined criteria, such as a debt registered with a collection agency. These criteria will be used to assess whether you are a potential credit risk. We have no access to the results of the credit check and do not retain these results. If you disagree with our decision on the basis of the result of the credit check or any other information, you can inform us of your position, contest the decision, or request that the decision be reassessed by a designated employee. To do so, please submit a request to the NS Customer Service. You must also provide NS with a phone number when purchasing an NS Flex season ticket, as NS or one of its partners (Webhelp Nederland and BOS Incasso) will contact you by phone if you fail to pay an invoice or do not do so in time.

If the result of the credit check is positive, you can complete the ordering process and finalise your preferred travel product on account.

With whom do we share this data?

If you purchase a personalised travel product, we will pass on this information to TransLink. TransLink  is responsible for producing and issuing OV-chipkaarten, ensuring that they work properly, and processing the transactions made with the OV-chipkaart. TransLink  is also responsible for processing personal information for the OV-chipkaart. For more information, please see

We will also share information with third parties if this is required to guarantee proper national coverage of the OV-chipkaart. A limited amount of functional information may be shared with TransLink and other public transport companies.

If you purchase an international train ticket, your information will be registered by BeNe Rail International (an international collaboration between the NS and Belgische Spoorwegen) and by us to produce, issue, and guarantee the proper functioning of the ticket.

We will also pass your information on to the appropriate carrier, such as Eurostar or Thalys, to complete your booking. We have made agreements about the processing of personal information with these parties, pertaining to how this information must be secured and stored.

If a credit check is required for a certain product, we will pass your information on to Focum. Focum is a business information agency that collects information about people. Combined with the information provided by you, this information allows us to prevent you from entering into financial obligations that you cannot bear, as well as enabling us to minimise financial risk. With regard to the personal information Focum receives from us, Focum is an information processor. We have made agreements with Focum about the processing of personal information, including the security of personal information. With regard to its database, the credit information bureau, and the automatic credit checks, Focum is responsible for processing the personal information in question based on the code of conduct of the NVH. Please go to Focum's website to find out more about the information processed by Focum. For more information about the results of your credit check, please contact Focum. 

If you fail to meet your payment obligations, we will share your contact details with BOS Incasso to collect the outstanding amount. We will also share your payment details with third parties to facilitate iDeal or credit card payments and to combat fraud.

In addition, we subcontract the execution of IT services to third parties. These third parties are registered data processors and only process information for us and for no other purpose. We have made agreements about the processing of personal information with these parties, pertaining to how this information is secured and stored, for instance.
If you are the holder of an NS-Business Card from NS Zakelijk, then we share some data concerning your travel with your employer. The nature of this data depends on the type of subscription that your employer has taken out, such as a Trein Vrij or an OV Vrij subscription. If you have a Trein Vrij subscription, for example, your journeys on other forms of public transport (such as bus, tram and metro) and the fare charged for these will be included on the invoice to your employer, because these journeys have not been purchased by your employer. Your employer will also be able to see if you make use of a change of class or door-to-door services (such as a taxi or OV-fiets). Your employer receives this information to enable them to pass on charges to you if applicable and/or to request corrections (for example, if you've forgotten to check out).

We are authorised to provide your personal information to parties outside the European Economic Community under certain circumstances. In that event, we will take suitable measures with these parties, for example by agreeing to the standard provisions required by the European Commission.

How long do we store your data?

We will store your personal data for 18 months after the end of the agreement. If you do not pass the credit check, NS will not store any data and all data you have provided will be deleted immediately after the order is cancelled. Focum will store the outcome of the credit check and all personal data provided to it in order to respond to requests from the parties involved. For more information, please contact Focum.