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Treinwijzer makes it possible to register your trip or reserve a seat on the train before you travel with NS. This gives you an idea of the expected crowds in the train and helps NS to better predict the crowds.

What personal data do we use?

To register a trip or a bicycle booking on the train, create an account with an e-mail address and password. It goes without saying that NS will process the journeys/bookings you have registered. NS also processes the number of your OV-chipkaart when you register journeys or a book a bicycle place and provide the OV-chipkaart number. This enables NS to analyse which journeys you have actually made and accurately predict the degree of crowding.

You have several options for travelling with NS. You can choose to use a personal OV-chipkaart, an anonymous OV-chipkaart, or an e-ticket. The number of the OV-chipkaart will also be processed, depending on the type of card or subscription and the method of registration/booking.

What do we use your personal data for?

Using the e-mail address, we can communicate with you about matters such as changes to the timetable or a registered trip or taking your bicycle on the train. NS uses the registered journeys to gain better insights into the demand for places on the train, and for the development of the Treinwijzer. By registering your journeys and booking a place for your bicycle on the train via Treinwijzer, you gain a more accurate idea of the places available on the train. Please note: your registration or booking does not entitle you to ride on the train for which you have registered or on which you have booked a place for your bicycle. Your registration does not entitle you to a seat.

To accurately predict the crowing on the train and for the further development of the Treinwijzer, NS would like to know both which journeys you have registered and which bicycle bookings you have made, as well as which journeys you have actually taken. For this purpose, NS makes a one-off link between your OV-chipkaart number and the journeys you take, or between your purchase of an e-ticket and the journey you register or the bicycle place you book. If you choose to allow this, you give NS permission to do so. In addition, analyses will be performed using a pseudonym of your e-mail address (in the event that you book an e-ticket), so that NS is able to also make an accurate prediction of the crowding associated with this type of ticket. If you choose to allow this, you give NS permission to do so.

If you would like to receive personalised offers from NS based on your trip and other data, you need to give NS separate permission for this.

The basis for the processing is consent from the person concerned.

When registering a train journey or that you wish to take your bicycle with you, you agree to the conditions under which the registration can take place, as well as the processing of your data. You can revoke this consent at any time.

With whom do we share this data?

We contract third parties to provide IT and marketing services. These third parties process our information solely for our own internal use, and for no other purpose. We have made agreements with these parties pertaining to the processing of personal information.

We may transfer your personal information to parties outside the European Economic Area under certain circumstances. In that event, we will take suitable measures with these parties, for example by agreeing to the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission.

How long do we store your data?

We will anonymise your registered journeys or booked bicycle places after one month. We will delete your NS account at the moment that you request that NS do so as described here. The NS account can also be used for services other than Treinwijzer. We will delete your NS account at the moment you ask NS to do so.