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Assistance during your journey

If you travel with a physical disability and need help boarding, transferring, or exiting the train, or if you have a visual disability and need someone to guide you through the station, then you can take advantage of the free NS Travel Assistance service. NS offers Travel Assistance at more than 125 stations throughout the Netherlands, from the first train in the morning to the last train at night. A trained NS employee or taxi driver can help you on behalf of NS at the station and during your train journey.

Booking NS Travel Assistance

You can also request NS Travel Assistance via the NS app on your smartphone or tablet. Now, you can contact us via the app with a simple the press of a button. You can also book your journey via If we have sufficient capacity at that moment, we can even offer the option of travelling within an hour of booking your journey.

Booking a journey

You can book a journey quickly and easily using your Mijn NS account. If you do not have a Mijn NS account,  you can request one here. If you need assistance registering for a Mijn NS account, please feel free to call 030-751 51 55 and we would be happy to help you.

You can use your NS account to book Travel Assistance as follows:

  • via Log in with your Mijn NS account, enter your travel assistance profile, and book your train journey with travel assistance.
  • New: via the free NS app. Download or install the latest update of the free NS app on your smartphone or tablet. Sign in with your NS account, and make sure that you have created a travel assistance profile in advance via or tel.: 030-2357822.
  • Booking by telephone via 030235 78 22. This will not change, as we wish to continue assisting you by telephone.

Requesting travel assistance

in order to travel safely, it is vital that you, the passenger, comply with the travel terms and conditions. Make sure that you have booked your entire journey, and check whether your wheelchair or mobility scooter meets the requirements. The terms and conditions can be found here. Also, please take the following details into consideration:

  • Request travel assistance at least 1 hour prior to your intended departure time.
  • State the date, departure time, and departure- and arrival stations for the journey you would like to take.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to request travel assistance for multiple persons.

The booking confirmation for your journey with assistance states the meeting point at your departure station. Please report to the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to departure. Our assistant will help you board the train, transfer, and exit the train. He or she will also accompany you to the exit at your destination.

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and luggage

The terms and conditions describe which resources are permitted on the train. You can register your wheelchair or mobility scooter at:, under 'information and settings', so that we can provide the assistance you need. You must be able to carry your luggage yourself. If you have any questions about your journey, the travel assistant would be happy to answer them.

Problems logging in, or did not receive a booking confirmation

If you cannot log in to, please check your password, and if necessary request a new password via If you still cannot log in, please call NS Customer Service at tel.: 030-2357822. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please call NS Customer Service at tel: 030-2357822.

Changing or cancelling your journey

You can cancel your journey via or the NS-app&nbsp. To change some aspect of your journey, please call NS Customer Service at tel.: 030-2357822. You cannot change your journey via the website.

If something goes wrong on the way

If you encounter problems during your journey, please call NS via tel.: 030 - 2357822 or contact NS Customer Service directly via the NS-app. We are standing by 24 hours per day.

International journeys and travelling with other rail carriers

You can only book NS Travel Assistance for international trains by calling NS Customer Service at tel.: 030-2357822, at least 48 hours before departure. You can also book travel assistance with other rail carriers inside the Netherlands via the website: However, other rules may apply when travelling with other rail carriers. Please see the carrier's website for more information.

No travel assistance is available aboard the nachtnet trains.

Accompaniment to and from the airplane at Schiphol Airport

You can request NS Travel Assistance when boarding or exiting a train at station Schiphol Airport. If you have a disability and would like someone to accompany you to and from Schiphol Airport, you can take advantage of the services of Axxicom Airport Caddy. More information is available online at Axxicom Airport Caddy.