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Extra facilities in the train

Our trains are equipped with extra facilities for people with a disability, including special entrances, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and priority seats. And our newest addition to the NS rolling stock, the Flirts, also make it possible to travel independently with a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Travelling independently by train with the Flirt

Our newest Sprinter, the Flirt, has a sliding step that - in most cases - allows passengers to roll a wheelchair or mobility scooter into the train without assistance.

How it works

To board the train, choose the door with the blue wheelchair icon. This door will remain open longer than the other doors, so you will have plenty of time to enter or exit. Proceed to the space reserved for wheelchairs, which also has a seat for any travel companions.

Stations with wheelchair-accessible train service

The wheelchair-accessible train is currently operated along the following routes:

Once a station has raised all of the platforms to the proper height and has installed a ramp and/or lift, the station can be considered to be wheelchair accessible. ProRail is currently hard at work realising these facilities.

Suitable wheelchairs and mobility scooters

The more skilled and manoeuvrable you are with your wheelchair or mobility scooter, the easier it is to travel without assistance. If you can bridge a small height difference, then you should be able to enter and exit the train. If you are not confident about your upper arm strength, or if your wheelchair has small support wheels or low foot supports, we recommend that you book NS Travel Assistance when you travel.

Please note: your wheelchair or mobility scooter and the use of NS Travel Assistance are subject to terms and conditions.

Tip: always check which train will be running in advance! You can see which trains are running easily via the Travel Planner Xtra app.

  • Enter your departure- and destination stations, the desired departure or arrival time, and plan your journey.
  • Select the desired travel recommendation, and click on the train type (NS Intercity or Sprinter).

If the train is not a Flirt, you can book NS Travel Assistance up to one hour prior to departure at stations where NS offers Travel Assistance. You may also want to choose another time to see if the Flirt-type Sprinter stops at the stations.

Travelling without assistance for the first time

Have you never travelled without assistance before? If so, please feel free to request NS Travel Assistance and experience how to board and exit the train together with the Travel Assistant. Help is always available if you need it!

However, even with thorough preparation, you may still be confronted with an unexpected situation. In that event, you can contact our Customer Service at tel.: 030 - 2357822. We are standing by 24 hours per day to assist you, answer your questions, or help you find the best solution.

Special entrance for wheelchairs and accessible toilets

Many Intercity trains are equipped with extra-wide spaces for wheelchairs or scootmobiles. You can recognise the entrances by the blue wheelchair icon. Most Intercity trains are also equipped with a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Priority seats

All of our trains are equipped with 'priority seats', which are intended for use by people who have difficulty walking or standing, such as the disabled, elderly people or pregnant women. These seats are located throughout the train, but are always as close to the entrance as possible. The priority seats can be recognised by the symbol of a person with a walking stick or a pregnant woman.