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Damaged door to door service products

If something does not work as it should, or if your OV-fiets, bicycle or lockup is damaged, please report it to the storage facility administrator and send an e-mail.

Damage to the OV-fiets?

  • When you report the damage to us, please report the bicycle number as well. You can send an e-mail to
  • If you rented the OV-fiets from a self-service rental location, then you can submit the damage report via the access and payment system.
  • If you have a flat tyre, bring the OV-fiets back to the bicycle storage. The tyre will be repaired or replaced for free. We will not compensate you for the costs of repairing the tyre elsewhere.
  • If the damage to the OV-fiets is the result of negligence on your part, then you will be held liable for the damages.

Your access pass does not work

If your access pass does not work, use the SOS button at the entrance to the storage area. An employee will help you further via the loudspeaker.

Lost access pass

If you lose your pass, please report it to Customer Service via the disruption form and we will make a new access pass for you. The deposit for the new pass is € 20 - the deposit for the old pass is invalid. We will send the new access pass to the address you provide.

Your bicycle is damaged in the bicycle storage facility

If your bicycle is damaged in the storage facility, please report it to the storage facility administrator as soon as possible. If the administrator is away, you can call our Customer Serivce at any time for further assistance.

Repairing your bicycle

You can have your bicycle repaired quickly and expertly at the guarded bicycle storage facility. At most locations, if you bring your bicycle in the morning, we can have it repaired by the time you pick it up in the evening. See Bicycle facilities per station to see whether your station has a guarded bicycle storage facility.

Your bicycle lockup is damaged

Report any damages to your bicycle lockup by calling 030 - 7515155 (available anytime) or by using the online form. Your bicycle lockup should be repaired within four working days.